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You may also contact your UHIP administrator, by email at or phone +1 (613) 520-6600.

What is UHIP?

UHIP is a basic health care insurance that is mandatory for non-resident students (including exchange) or registered students with domestic status who are not yet eligible for OHIP.  The plan provides coverage comparable to OHIP for Ontario residents.  UHIP provides insurance to pay the cost of the hospital and medical services that students or employees and their families might need to maintain their health while in Canada.

At time of course registration, when identified as an International student, you will be automatically enrolled for UHIP for the period you are registered. If you are a Canadian citizen/domestic/diplomatic status and require UHIP, visit the ISSO for manual enrollment.    Visiting researchers, Post Docs, and employees must come to the ISSO and enroll in the UHIP plan in person.

Where can I use my UHIP card?

Whenever possible, use the Health & Counselling Clinic located on campus in the CTTC Building. If you cannot visit the clinic and require medical attention, it’s recommended you visit a ‘preferred provider’ by finding one close to where you live on Sun Life’s Student Health Network. The medical providers found on this site do direct billing to Sun Life so it won’t cost you any out of pocket

What happens if I withdraw from school?

 If you are considering withdrawing from classes, your coverage will be automatically cancelled from the day you withdraw.   It is important you visit the ISSO regarding UHIP coverage termination and potential refund should you decide to withdraw from classes.

How do I get my UHIP card?

Student/members print off their own card (comes out on paper).  It is essential that you print off your UHIP card and carry with you at all times. Follow the steps outlined on the instruction sheet.

Please note that offices at Carleton University, including the ISSO, will be closed during the Winter break, and therefore staff will not be available to assist you in printing off your card. We highly recommend, if you haven’t printed off your card already, to do so as soon as possible.

If you encounter any problems enrolling at please call the Sun Life Customer Care line toll free at 1-866-500 UHIP (8447).

What does UHIP pay for?

UHIP is a basic and primary health care plan and it covers a number of services such as:

  • hospital services such as; emergency room services, non-emergency hospitalization etc.
  • physician’s services, for example, annual health examination, diagnosis & treatment of illness and injuries, care related to pregnancy etc. and
  • miscellaneous, for example, diagnostic and x-ray services, emergency ambulances etc.

***UHIP does not cover dental costs and prescription medication. Be sure to check out the opt-in and opt-out processes and deadlines for:

Can I add family members?

Anyone with dependents (spouse and/or children) in Canada must visit the ISSO to enroll them in UHIP each year that they remain in Canada.  Enrollment of dependents must be completed within 30 days of arrival to avoid a $500 late enrollment fee.  The new UHIP year starts September 1 so if you are a returning member, you must come to the ISSO to re-enrol your family members for the start of the near year.  

In Case of Serious Medical Issues

If you or a member of your family is hospitalized or intending to be hospitalized for more than 48 hours, it is important to notify the UHIP insurer as soon as possible of this admission.

If you choose to be treated at or are admitted to a hospital that is not on the Preferred Hospital network,  it is possible that you will have to pay expenses in addition to what UHIP pays.

If you or a member of your family is hospitalized in a hospital not in the preferred hospital network, with 48 hours’ notice the UHIP insurer may relocate you to another hospital of its choice, if the transfer is approved by your attending physician.

Please check the preferred hospital network listing or call the UHIP insurer, in advance, to verify whether the hospital you intend to visit currently has an agreement with the insurer at: 1-866-500-UHIP (8447) toll-free.

Do I need medical insurance before I come to Canada?

No, an immigration officer may request proof of your ability to pay for any health care which may be required in Canada, but you should not purchase health insurance before you leave as you will be required to purchase UHIP when you get here.