In the second year of the BGInS degree, students will normally take 5.0 credits of courses, including 1.5 credits GINS core courses, up to 2.5 credits Specialization courses, up to 1.0 credit language courses, and the remainder elective courses.  Details are below:

Core Courses: All BGInS students must take the three 0.5 credit second year core courses.  Consult the Core Courses page for a listing of all BGInS core courses across the four years of the program, including course descriptions.  The three second year courses are:

International Exchange – Dingle, Ireland

Specialization Courses: BGInS students should take the second year course or courses in their Specialization.   Depending on the Specialization, this could mean 1.0 to 2.5 credits.  There is more choice at the second year level, so frequently second year course selection in the Specialization involves selecting from a list of courses in a certain thematic area.  Consult the Specializations and Streams page for the full course listings for each Specialization.

Image of student and architecture in China while on an International Placement

International Placement – Beijing, China

Language Courses: BGInS students who do not expect to be exempted from taking language courses should take an additional 1.0 credit in language courses in their second year.  Normally, successful completion of these courses will mean successful completion of the BGInS language requirement.  Consult the Language Requirement page for complete details on the BGInS language requirement.

Elective Courses: The remainder of the 5.0 credits second year program can be chosen from among elective courses of students’ choice.