Sample Second Year: French and Francophone Studies

Core Courses Language Specialization/Stream Electives Total
GINS 2000 (0.5 credit):
Ethics and Globalization

GINS 2010 (0.5 credit):
Globalization and International Economic Issues

GINS 2020
(0.5 credit):
Global Literatures

0 credit 2.0 credits from section 3a: Foundations in the program requirements:

FREN 2202 (0.5 credit): Introduction aux études littéraires 1
FREN 2203 (0.5 credit): Introduction aux études littéraires 2
FREN 2401 (1.0 credit): Fonctionnement d’une langue: le français

1.5 credits 5.0 credits

Students in French and Francophone Studies will automatically meet the BGInS language requirement through the mandatory FREN courses included in the Specialization.  Although not required, students interested in studying a third language are encouraged to do so by including language study courses among their elective courses.

** Not all Specialization courses are offered every year.  Check with the public class schedule to see which courses are offered this year.