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Global Genders and Sexualities

(thematic, multi-disciplinary)

Program Requirements:
Specialization in Global Genders and Sexualities
Stream in Global Genders and Sexualities

Sample Course Selection:
First Year: Global Genders and Sexualities
Second Year: Global Genders and Sexualities

Affiliated Faculty Members:
Global Genders and Sexualities

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Feminist Institute of Social Transformation

Sexuality Studies

Global Genders and Sexualities explores the historical and contemporary interdependent relationships between bodies, identities, and space to better understand the dynamics shaping the transnational world. The Specialization and Stream aim to ground students in theory and its practical applications.  Students will analyze how bodies, genders and sexualities are part of wider power relations and cultural formations such as global capitalism, diasporic communities, and the politics of borders. How are forms of knowledge about gender and sexuality produced, circulated across borders and resisted?  Students will explore how sexualities and gender identities and practices circulate, traverse bodies and are shaped by borders and though various practical applications in advocacy and activism.

Global Genders and Sexualities allows students to foster the necessary intercultural competencies to engage ethically and effectively with the concrete needs of diverse populations in a globalized world. By emphasizing student-centred experiential learning with an international focus, the Specialization and Stream will cultivate the talents of current and prospective students and provide mentorship for students as they become productive and engaged global citizens. Examples of possible career paths include: work within non-governmental organizations and non-profit agencies, healthcare provision, law and social justice advocacy, gender and sexual diversity consultancy and research and policy analysis.