Global Politics

(Thematic, disciplinary)

Program Requirements:
Specialization in Global Politics
Stream in Global Politics

Sample Course Selection:
First Year: Global Politics
Second Year: Global Politics

Affiliated Faculty:
Global Politics

Sponsoring Unit Website:
Department of Political Science

The Global Politics Specialization gives students the knowledge necessary for a critical understanding and engagement with global politics. Taking an applied, problem-focused approach, we look at global political issues such as the gap between rich and poor, the growth and challenges of democracy, different understandings of human rights, war and peace, the politics of gender, ethnic conflicts and environmental security and degradation. You will gain the skills and experience necessary to better understand and engage in the myriad of arenas in which global politics takes place, including the United Nations, development banks, civil society organizations, refugee organizations, international NGOs and others.

A unique option in this specialization is the Global Politics Internship, available to students with high academic standing as a full-term credit in their third year. Students are placed with internationally-focused organizations in Canada or abroad to apply their skills and learn about global politics in action. Graduates of this program can expect to pursue opportunities both in Canada and around the world in the non-profit sector, public agencies and other organizations, or pursue further graduate and professional studies in global political issues.