Teaching English in Global Contexts (TEGC)

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Teaching English in Global Contexts

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If you are interested in a career in teaching English abroad, or you are interested in the powerful position of English as a means of international communication, the Teaching English in Global Contexts (TEGC) program is for you. It is unique in Canada and provides in-depth education about the impact of English as an international language, and how to teach it. The growth of globalization and international communication, together with historical and geopolitical trends, have resulted in English being the most important medium of international communication. The TEGC specialization in BGInS is designed to make students critically aware of these phenomena and provide a unique depth and breadth of knowledge in teacher education. The program has two areas of focus:

  1. An understanding of the influence of English as a global language, and the consequences of that influence.
  2. Preparation of teachers of English for global educational contexts – including a practicum abroad.

Large numbers of people head abroad to teach English every year, or take employment in Canada as English teachers. Some of them have no teaching qualifications other than being native or proficient English speakers. Imagine what kind of jobs these people obtain, and how stressful and frustrating it must be to teach with no training or background! Others have some training in teaching English, in a one-size-fits-all set of methods which are often geared toward certain narrow contexts, or which often fail to take account of local historical and geopolitical issues in international contexts. Imagine how frustrating it must be to teach with no understanding of the cultural, social, and educational impact of English and the nature of the teaching context! The TEGC program is uniquely tailored for students who wish to pursue careers in English language education in global contexts or in Canada with a global perspective. It provides knowledge of the place of English in the world, training in how to teach it, and a teaching practicum/internship abroad. Graduating from the TEGC program is certain to provide an edge in obtaining quality employment in the field.