Global Migration and Transnationalism

(Thematic, multi-disciplinary)

Program Requirements:
Specialization in Global Migration and Transnationalism
Stream in Global Migration and Transnationalism

Sample Course Selection:
First Year: Global Migration and Transnationalism
Second Year: Global Migration and Transnationalism

Affiliated Faculty Members:
Global Migration and Transnationalism

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Migration and Diaspora Studies

We live in a world on the move. Not only are there more than 200 million people now living outside the country of their birth, but new technologies have allowed for the movement of ideas around the world and connections between communities like never before. Behind the statistics are the lived experiences of migrants themselves, the contributions they make to their new societies and the links that they sustain with their countries and communities of origin.

This multidisciplinary specialization is the first undergraduate program in Canada to address the intertwined phenomena of refugees, migration, mobility and diasporas that shape the modern world. It brings together a broad spectrum of practitioners and academics from the humanities and the social sciences to examine the cultural, social, economic and political implications of the movement and transnational settlement of people. It supports historically informed and forward looking accounts of cultural and social identities, diversity and integration, exile and memory, forced migration and refugee communities.  It prepares globally conscious students for journeys of intellectual discovery and rewarding careers in public service, creative industries, cultural institutions such as museums, migration and humanitarian INGOs, and migration and settlement-related agencies, as well as for Law School and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines.