Led by Professor Mostafa El Sayed, the Aerospace Structures and Materials Engineering Laboratory (ASME-Lab) is a graduate research unit within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University.

Our research thrust in aerospace engineering is driven by the global need for future green aviation. Over the past decades, aircraft fuel efficiency was mainly improved by applications of refined aerodynamics, composite materials development, structural optimization and enhanced engine performance. Yet, a step change towards that goal may be realized through (i) designing novel aircraft configurations such as the Blended Wing Body (BWB) aircraft, (ii) developing new, additively manufactured, multifunctional metamaterials for significantly reducing green aircraft weight, and (iii) considering hybrid electrification of propulsion systems to cut down fossil fuel emissions.

Accordingly, with a primary research theme in the broad area of multiscale mechanics of solids and structures, the mission of the ASME-Lab can be stated as the development and the design optimization of high-performance, functionally graded, hybrid metamaterials and structural systems for a wide range of applications in aerospace technologies aiming at reducing GHG emissions for future green aviation. Through a combined approach of experimental, theory, and Multiphysics simulations, we study the structure’s response across the spectrum of multiple disciplines and length scales taking into consideration the impact of aging and manufacturing induced defects.

The laboratory houses several world-class experimental facilities and works in close collaboration with national and international industries and government agencies.