Photo of Edgar A. Matida

Edgar Matida

Professor, Associate Chair, Undergraduate Policy & Planning - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 5693
    Building:Canal Building, Room 3204 CB
    Department:Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Degrees:B.Sc., Sao Paulo University M.Sc., Ph.D., Yokohama National University


    Research Interests

    • Pharmaceutical Aerosols (Inhalation Devices)
    • Large Eddy Simulation
    • Dispersed Two-Phase Random Walk Models
    • Impinging Jets
    • Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs)
    • Airfoil-Vortex Interactions (AVIs)


    Aerosol science and technology (aerosol characterization and deposition); nozzle sprays; dispersed two-phase random-walk models; dispersed two-phase impinging jets; large eddy simulation (LES); laser-doppler velocimetry (LDV); particle image velocimetry (PIV).


    Pharmaceutical aerosols (pressurized metered dose inhalers) and add-on spacer devices; nasal drug delivery; diesel fuel characterization; airfoil-vortex interaction related to rotorcraft; fuel cell modelling.


    Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery;
    Member of the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM).

    Journal Articles

    Ilie, M., Nitzsche, F., and Matida, E. A., Parametric Studies of Airfoil-Vortex Interaction; a Numerical Approach using LES. The Aeronautical Journal, 115 (1173), 703-711, 2011.

    Colpan, C.O., Cruickshank, C.A., Matida, E.A., Hamdullahpur, F., 1-D Modelling of a Flowing Electrolyte-Direct Methanol Fuel Cell. Journal of Power Sources, 196, 3572-3582, 2011.

    Wilson, S.R., Liu, Y., Matida, E.A., and Johnson, M.R., Aerosol Deposition Measurements as a Function of Reynolds Number for Turbulent Flow in a Ninety-Degree Pipe Bend. Aerosol Science and Technology, 45, 364-375, 2011.