Photo of Bjarki Hallgrimsson

Bjarki Hallgrimsson

Associate Professor

Degrees:P. Eng. IDSA, B.A.Sc/M.S.E
Phone:613-520-2600 x 5677

Professor Hallgrimsson is a product designer, author and researcher. After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree and gaining professional experience, he discovered industrial design, which became the passion and focus of his future career. He holds a MSE in product design from Stanford University and has worked for several professional industrial-design consulting firms in the United States and Canada. His own company HPD developed award winning and patented products for a variety of clients in a broad range of industries. His hands-on maker philosophy was shaped by many years of experience in industry. “Prototyping and Model making for Product Design”, by Laurence King Publishing is available in 4 languages and shows how “physical prototypes form a strategic part of a successful product designer’s toolkit”. Although a generalist at heart, his expertise in designing assistive devices for people with disabilities continues to challenge him and his students to create more useful and human products that have a profound effect on the quality of life of people. Professor Hallgrimsson grew up in Sweden, Kenya and Tanzania. Through his international outlook, he has involved many students in community oriented design research in Africa.

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