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About the book:
This textbook “Children and Youth in African History” introduces readers to the academic scholarship on the history of childhood and youth in sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on the colonial and postcolonial eras. In a series of seven chapters, it addresses key themes in historical scholarship, arguing that age serves as a useful category for historical analysis in African history. Just as race, class, and gender can be used to understand how African societies have been structured over time, so too age is a powerful tool for thinking about how power, youth, and seniority intersect and change over time. This is, then, a work of synthesis rather than of new research based on primary sources. This book will therefore introduce mainstream scholars of the history of childhood and youth to the literature on Africa, and scholars of youth in Africa to debates within the wider field of the history of children and youth.

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Dec. 06, 2023| Convening Black Intimacy: Christianity, Gender, and Tradition in Early Twentieth-Century South Africa

Working with Film, Media and Images: Communicating Through Multimodal Ethnography between Fieldwork and Writing

What does it mean to centre the non-discursive as ethnography? We are three PhD students who share our experiences of doing multimodal fieldwork across various media.
We highlight Indigital teachings that examine Indigenous use of digital technology and how it creates space for Indigenous knowledge transfer protocols; how Yoruba oracular religion practitioners reflect on their religion through the visuality of the otherworldly; and the novelty and affordances of DIY collaborative speculative fiction filmmaking.

The panel examines the relational dynamics and worlds that emerge through multimodality and the challenges of translating these worlds into dissertation writing.

Date: November 23rd at 2:30 pm
Location: Online – Zoom

Meeting ID: 998 8916 0983
Passcode: 352671

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Access, Enrollment and Retention: The Case of Female Refugee Education in Kakuma Refugee Camp and Kalobeyei Settlement

November 20, 2023 |12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Location: 2420R Richcraft Hall

This is a joint event between the Local Engagement Refugee Research Network and the Department of Migration and Diaspora Studies.
 In-Person Only
Speaker: Goundo Diarra; Migration and Diaspora Studies Alumni
 Conflict, crisis, and displacement cause millions of people to flee their countries and seek refuge or (re)settlement in a third country. This can cause refugee and displaced children to miss out on many years of education and the situation is even more dire for female students. Years of prolonged conflict and displacement result in considerable variation in access, enrolment, and retention rates of male and female learners because women and girls are more proportionately disadvantaged and pushed out of educational spheres as they progress through primary and secondary school. Based on her recent research in Northwestern Kenya and through this talk, Goundo will highlight the experiences of female refugee students living in Kakuma and Kalobeyei in accessing, enrolling, and staying in secondary school until completion. She will also discuss the factors that hinder their educational journey and explore the impact that paid parental activities/income-generating opportunities and education level have on keeping these girls in school.

N.B: Limited travel awards are available to support graduate students’ participation. The deadline is December 4.

Call for Papers

Dec. 15, 2023 | The 23rd Annual Africa Conference: African Knowledge Systems
Oct. 31, 2023 | African Literature Today (ALT) 42: Oral And Written African Poetry And Poetics


Dec.10-17, 2023|  Financing African  Cities: Infrastructure,  Land Management   & Markets
June 12-16, 2024| Sustainability and sustainable development  in Africa: Past, present and future

Job/Scholarship opportunities

Feb. 11, 20242024 African Peacebuilding Network (APN) and Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa (Next Gen) Fellowship
Dec.11, 2023| Call for Transnational Research Project Proposals
Dec.15, 2023 | African Studies – Assistant Professor
Dec. 10, 2023 | Open-Rank Professor of History of African Diaspora
Dec. 11, 2023 |Creative Writing – Assistant or Associate Professor (Black Speculative Writing
Dec. 11, 2023 |Education – (3) Tenure-Stream Positions (including Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Black Experiences


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