Welcome to the Institute of African Studies

The Institute of African Studies builds on Carleton’s long history of expertise on Africa amongst its faculty and graduate students by pulling together the growing number of faculty members and experts in the Ottawa-Gatineau region to provide fresh insight into current and historical dynamics of Africa – from the slave trade that reshaped the continent and the Atlantic world to the richly textured and innovative religious practices and livelihood strategies, from conflicts, refugees, and peace-building efforts to the production and reception of world-renowned and locally-consumed literatures, music and film.

Carleton is the only Canadian university to have a stand-alone Institute of African Studies which also offers degree programs. At the undergraduate level, it provides a Combined Honours and a 3-year program in African Studies in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, an Honours and a 3-year program in Africa and Globalization in the Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) degree, and a Minor program in African Studies open to all undergraduate students.  At the graduate level, it offers a Collaborative Masters and Ph.D. in African Studies. It also organizes public events and activities concerning the continent and the African diaspora, and highlights and brings together the ongoing research conducted by its faculty and students.

The Institute of African Studies is part of both Carleton’s Faculty of Public Affairs and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. FPA and FASS are distinct groups of academic units that deal directly with matters of importance to government and civil society; while tackling the most complex social, cultural and political issues of our time.