Photo of Dr. Mohamed Ali

Dr. Mohamed Ali

Degrees:Ph.D. (UCLA)

Research Interests:

  • Medieval and modern History of Africa
  • Trade, Religion and Ethnicity in Africa History
  • Issues in African Historiography- Linguistics and Oral traditions

Professional Experience:

  • Dean of College of Education, Lafole and Professor of African History at the Somali National University
  • Teaching African history courses at the University of Ottawa (2000-2006) and Carleton University

Courses taught:

  • History of Africa (HIST 2705A)
  • History of Sub-Saharan Africa,1885 (HIST 2376)at UO
  • Ancient and Pre-colonial Africa (HIST2706A)
  • The Scramble for Africa (3702A)
  • Africa in the Era of Slave Trade (HIST 3906)

Recent Scholarly Communications:

“Linguistic Approaches To the Past.” In “Putting the Cart Before the Horse. Ed. Abdi Kusow (Contested Nationalism and the Crises of the Nation State in Somalia), 15-32. The Red Sea Press,2004.

“The Role of Linguistics and Oral Traditions in reconstructing the early history of the Somali speaking societies.” Presented at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of African Studies(CAAS),Carleton University,5-7 May 2010.


Fulbright Certificate for academic achievement as a Fulbright Scholar