Rose Shayo

Inst. of African Studies Visiting Scholar

The Institute of African Studies is delighted to introduce the African Visiting Scholar for 2010-2011, Dr. Rose Shayo. She is teaching two courses, namely Gender and Globalization (PSCI 4500) and Gender and Development with a focus on Africa (AFRI 4500) to final year students interested in promoting gender equality in development.

Biography of Dr. Rose Shayo: Rose Shayo is a Senior Lecturer from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) based at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), where she has been working for almost thirty years. Her work involves teaching, research and consultancy on various issues related to gender and development. Her specialization is on Gender Analysis and Development Economics. She obtained her education for her first and second degrees at the university of Dar es Salaam in 1983 and PhD in Manchester University(1998). She has extensive experience in conducting consultancy and research activities on various gender issues to international organizations and NGOs based within and outside of Tanzania. Some of these include evaluation of gender sensitivity of multilateral and bilateral programmes including NORAD (1990), GTZ, (1991), USAID (1995), World Bank (1995, 2003), DANIDA (1999), UNFPA (1999), IDRC (1999), Sida (2000, 2004, 2005, Help Age International (2000), UNDP/ UNOPS (2001), British Council (2003), Oxfam Ireland (2005),UNDP( 2009 & 2010), SADC/UNECA (2010) and WIOMSA 2010.

Rose Shayo has designed and implemented various training manuals on gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting to government and NGOs based in Tanzania including Ministry of Finance and Economic Empowerment (1999), Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (2005), Ministry of Water, Energy and Environment (1999), Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (2005), Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (2007), Tanzania Drug and Food Authority (2006) Tanzania Centre for Democracy (2009 and 2010), Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (2009). She prepared the National Strategy for Gender and Development for Tanzania and Zanzibar (2005) and Gender Mainstreaming Strategy for the UN family Tanzania and Beijing +15 NGO report for Tanzania as well as institutional Gender Policy for NGOs such as CARITAS (Tz) and Maarifa Ni Ufunguo .

Rose Shayo has been involved in various research projects in different areas, including rural innovations, social, economic impacts of HIV/AIDS, gender audit of institutions involved with cassava production, effectiveness of micro credits in relation to women empowerment and poverty reduction, role of political parties in promoting good governance and gender equality, gender myths and stereotypes in high institutions of learning and student performances, gender impacts of SADC trade policies and socio-economic and gender implications of frequent cholera outbreaks along the Indian coastal communities.

Rose Shayo is the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of two books and more than 30 publications. Her publications reflect her diverse research interests in women’s/gender issues at national, regional and international levels. Some of her publications on gender and agriculture, gender employment and public sector reforms as well as gender and politics have exposed various forms of gender biases inherent in implementing gender blind/neutral policies. In additions, some of her publications on gender mainstreaming have been a useful tool for different actors interested in integrating a gender perspective in their policies and programs.

Dr. Shayo has also held a visiting scholar appointment to the Institute of African Studies, University of Florida (2004); Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki (2008) and University of Jyvaskyla (2008) respectively. She has taught a course on Women, Gender and Environment (BMW 100) to students from Ohio University, USA in 2008. She also provides orientation to international students on gender and social life in Tanzania.