Research on the coverage of refugees reveals that less than a quarter of all news articles on migration or refugee issues mention a refugee or migrant, and far fewer directly quote them. Kathy Dobson and Ghadah Alrasheed, Interim co-Directors of ALiGN Media Lab, became more aware of this issue after they visited Nairobi last year and met with groups of refugees and saw how far they were far from the stereotype of “helpless victims” propagated by media. The refugees who Ghadah and Kathy met were an impressive group of people, very active in their communities and generously contributing to their host community. That is the reason the ALiGN Media Lab will be hosting a workshop this week as part of a series on media training. The workshop,“Storytelling with Impact”, will bring together a group of refugees from Kakuma Camp in Kenya to discuss how to pitch and amplify their voices, experiences and complelling stories to mainstream media. The workshop will also include training on how to share these stories across multiple digital forms. The participants from  Kakuma Camp are from different parts of the world, including Somalia, Burundi, and Congo. Through this collaboration, Ghadah and Kathy hope to share practical media strategies with the refugees to amplify their voices, gain a deeper understanding of what makes stories stand out, and thus deepen the coverage of their important issues.