The “Millennials’ Voices” is a special series of ALiGN public commentaries written by undergraduate students at Carleton University, who are taking on diverse topics such as: copyright, piracy, sl/acktivism, (stereotypes on) millennials, and beyond.

Issue 10 (July 2023): Empowerment through Adversity: Journeys of Self-Discovery in Challenging Times

Issue 9 (March 2023): Activism, Slacktivism, and the Millennials

Issue 8 (February 2022): By Gen Z for Gen Z

Issue 7 (June 2021): Reimagine Race

Issue 6 (April 2021): Current Activism and Alternative Media

Issue 5 (April 2019): News and Journalism

Issue 4 (February 2019): Copyright and Piracy

Issue 3 (December 2018): Authority and Democracy

Issue 2 (October 2018): Desperate Dreams of Digital Democratization?

Issue 1 (August 2018): Kids these days and their Social Media