The “Millennials’ Voices” is a special series of ALiGN public commentaries written by undergraduate students at Carleton University, who are taking on diverse topics such as: copyright, piracy, sl/acktivism, (stereotypes on) millennials, and beyond. Students produce the commentaries under the supervision of Professor Merlyna Lim, largely in the 4th year seminar COMS4317 Digital Media and Global Network Society, with an assistance of Kathy Dobson who regularly holds “writing op-ed” workshops for the students. Rory Clark is an editor for Issue 1.1 to 1.5.

Issue 1.5 (April 2019): News and Journalism

Issue 1.4 (February 2019): Copyright and Piracy

Issue 1.3 (December 2018): Authority and Democracy

Issue 1.2 (October 2018): Desperate Dreams of Digital Democratization?

Issue 1.1 (August 2018): Kids these days and their Social Media