“Algorithms of Rage to Rhythms of Change” – a closing keynote speech, “Visions of Change” conference, University of Calgary, 11 May 2022, by Merlyna Lim


Part I: “Algorithms of Rage” https://youtu.be/TLodwU5ZvrU – 5’59”

Part II: “The Rhythm of Us” https://youtu.be/8F1noEbb_d4 – 8’16”

Part III: “The AlgoRhythms of Rohingya and Hasan’s bicycle” https://youtu.be/E9RyM3TrYxM – 7’06”

Part IV: “Burning Bodies: The Offbeat that Binds Us” https://youtu.be/VChCQZ6Xyas – 7’56”

Part V: “Closing remarks: Rhythms of Change?” https://youtu.be/Uk-5U_fC4W8 – 2’29”

Merlyna Lim is Canada Research Chair in #digitalmedia & global #networksociety, Professor of Communication & Media at Carleton University & Align Media Lab Director.

Videos were recorded from live presentation on zoom.