Photo of Rory Clark

Rory Clark

ALiGN affiliate researcher, writer and contributing editor

Rory Clark received a B.CoMS, Hons, with an English minor from Carleton to go on to the Ryerson RTA School of Media graduate program. While at Carleton he received a CUROP research grant and wrote an Honours Research Essay on the emerging group of young adults who are the first to have grown up with social media and smart phones in neoliberal societies and cultures (neoliberal social media natives) and their relationship with their namesake phenomena. His research further explores this group’s relationship to the prosocial and altruistic functionality of Web 2.0 and social media, online and off. If he had any free time he’d probably spend it with friends enjoying good food, live music, and weird movies, and working on his writing (creative writing, not that dreary academic stuff).