Andrew Simons (Principal Investigator)

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Current students:

If you are interested in evolutionary ecology and would like to join the lab, please contact me!

Former Graduate Students:

Riley Morris, M.Sc.

A mesocosm study: Environment-dependent fitness effects of phenotypic variation in Greater Duckweed, Spirodela polyrhiza.

Kristen Côté, M.Sc.

The maintenance of genetic variation through genotype-environment interaction in Lobelia inflata.

Hebah Mejbel, M.Sc.

Birth order and temperature effects on variation in overwintering turion formation in the duckweed, Spirodela polyrhiza.

P. William Hughes, Ph.D.

Phenotypic plasticity in the semelparous life history of Lobelia inflata.

Mary Compton, M.Sc.

Turion generation and emergence in Greater Duckweed, Spirodela polyrhiza,in response to environmental variability.

Josh Van Wieren, M.Sc.

Effects of prescribed fire and mechanical treatments on pitch pine (Pinus rigida) regeneration in the Thousand Islands ecosystem.

Johann Wagner, Ph.D.

A Comparison of Life-history Characters of Arctic and Alpine Populations of the Annual Koenigia islandica.

Jeffrey Graham, M.Sc.

An Empirical Test of Adaptive Bet Hedging in Neurospora crassa.

David O’Connor, M.Sc.

The effect of community complexity on species performance profiles along a thermal gradient.

Glenn Murray, M.Sc.

Quantifying Site-Specific Environmental Variance for Life-History Analyses: A Novel Application of Dendrochronology.