CBC News: The Flaws of Nature—Carleton Prof finds evolutionary clues in nature’s bloopers.

ABC Science: “Bet hedging key to natural selection” highlights Simons, A.M. 2011. Modes of response to environmental change and the elusive empirical evidence for bet hedging. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278:1601-1609.

If you wanted to know why men have nipples, would you ask a plant evolutionary biologist? Andrew’s answers to Scientific American and Quirks & Quarks (CBC audio trophy winner).

Faculty of 1000 “Must Read” evaluation of Simons, A.M. 2009. Fluctuating natural selection accounts for the evolution of diversification bet hedging. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276:1987-1992.

Evolution 2012: 1st Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology (Co-organizer with Howard Rundle) brought together 2400 researchers from five leading evolution and ecology societies (SSE, ASN, SSB, ESEB, CSEE), and garnered extensive media coverage.

Watch the 2009 Darwin Year Discovery lecture, Jointly presented by Andrew Simons and Charles Goodnight.

New Scientist interview “Vestigial organs: Remnants of evolution.”