Looking to develop a new academic program? The Office of the Vice-Provost can help!

The Office of the Vice-Provost is responsible for supporting faculty in understanding the timelines and process for new program development, and to assist in identifying the documents required for a successful completion of a new program proposal.

In accordance with Carleton Institutional Quality Assurance Process, all new program proposals require approval of an Executive Summary, prepared by the program lead(s) in consultation with the Associate Dean(s), prior to the development of the self-study.

As part of the approval process, a peer review will take place over the course of two days that will result in recommendations to consider as part of the development process. The final version of the proposal is subject to Carleton’s quality assurance process for new program approval.

Engaging in a thorough and comprehensive review of new degree program proposals ensures a high level of quality and sustainability, while also ensuring the development of new programs consistent with Carleton’s missions and goals outlined in the Strategic Integrated Plan.

Support and advice on the development of new undergraduate programs is provided by the Program Officer responsible for your unit.

For advice on the development of new graduate programs, please contact the Program Officer in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, Sandra Bauer.

Support for the development of program learning outcomes and plans for their assessment is provided by your Program Assessment Specialist.