Road traffic safety and highway improvement programs are dependent on the analysis of accurate and reliable traffic accident data. In Bangladesh, significant percentage of crash fatalities occur on limited sections of major roads and highways. These sections are generally known as High Risk Roads, Hazardous Road Locations (HRLs) or Accident Prone Location or Black Spots. These high risk road locations change with time because of the alteration of bypass routes to destination or new road construction. As traditional techniques cannot locate these road sections perfectly, a GIS based smart road safety system can assist to identify such high risk road locations on roads. National highway N2 (Dhaka-Sylhet-Tamabil) is a 210 km long high risk highway and there are multiple high risk road locations. This study discusses the situation of road traffic accidents on National Highway N2 of Bangladesh by crash data based analysis with the help of GIS. The three attributes used for identification of high risk road locations are length of road section, number of crashes and duration of collected data. This type of effective and low cost technology is now an emergency for a developing country. For creating safer road environment, priority treatments are mandatory .By perfectly locating the high risk road locations, this study provides an intellectual way for dealing of these locations in the future.

Contributors: Sarkar S, Hoque M M, Alam R, Ahamed F, Rokon A.

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