Why are Potholes so Bad in Saskatchewan, CBC Radio

Earth’s climate has changed. Therefore, in recent years, countries across the world experience so many days of very high temperatures and other abnormalities. High temperatures deteriorate asphalt road performance and..… View More

Pothole Problems in Ottawa, CBC Report

Recently Dr. Kamal Hossain was interviewed by CBC on Ottawa pothole issues and how these can be mitigated in the future. Here are the news article and news report links with commentary from Dr. Hossain..… View More

Climate Change Impacts on Highways, Vancouver Sun

Heavy rains and floods have damaged many highways in British Columbia, Canada. Here is a news article where Dr. Kamal Hossain and Dr. Surya Teja Swarna from ARTEL were interviewed. They discussed how to mitigate some road and highway problems from climate change impacts. You can read the full story in The Vancouver Sun.… View More

CTAA Graduate Scholarship

Congratulation to Alyssa Bernier for winning this year’s Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA) Graduate Scholarship award. Canadian Technical Asphalt Association’s Scholarship review committee selected her as the winner of this competitive award for 2021.… View More

Earl Kee Award 2021

It was amazing to see our research group member Alyssa Bernier receives Earl Kee Award at the 67th Annual Conference of CTAA at Kelowna British Columbia!!! It was for her technical paper… View More

Congrats to Towhidul

Congrats to Towhidul Islam on completing his master’s thesis and presenting his research seminars recently! Job well done! ARTEL wishes you all the best in your future endeavors… View More

Best Poster Award

A total of seven ARTEL members participated in the GRINCH Pavement Research meeting held at ETS, Montreal on 17 June 2022. GRINCH is an Annual Meeting of Pavement Researchers from Canadian Universities organized by ETS or Laval University for many years… View More

Congrats to Surya

Surya Teja Swarna presented his PhD thesis proposal on “Influence of climate change on pavement design and materials in Canada ” on August 30, 2021… View More


Our very own Shajib Guha has been awarded the “TAUMUN Award for Outstanding Contribution in Teaching” for his significant contribution to Memorial University from Spring 2020 to Winter 2021… View More

Congrats to Shajib

Congrats to Shajib Guha on completing his master’s thesis and presenting his research seminars recently! Job well done! ARTEL wishes you all the best in your future… View More

Congrats to Shahbaz

Congrats to Shahbaz Khan on completing his master’s thesis and presenting his research seminars recently! Job well done! ARTEL wishes you all the best in your future… View More

Congrats to Masud

Congrats to Masud Rana for completing his Master of Engineering (Thesis) degree this Fall, despite various challenges throughout the year of 2020! In his master’s, Masud worked on understanding the effects of autonomous vehicles on pavement distress and road safety and how the pavement distresses can be optimized by developing autonomous vehicle movement algorithms… View More

Research Excellence Award

Our very own Surya Teja Swarna obtained this year’s “Research Excellence Award” from the graduate student union for his achievements for 2019-2020 academic period. He received this award from Memorial University’s Dean of Graduate Studies… View More

Congrats to Rayhan and Rakibul

Congrats to Rayhan and Rakibul on completing their master’s theses and presenting their research seminars recently! Job well done! ARTEL wishes you all the best in your future endeavors… View More

Fellowship Awards

Congrats to Rakibul, Rayhan and Surya!!!! All three received the“Fellow of School of Graduate Studies” award from Memorial University. This award is given to the students who have a proven record of academic excellence… View More

NL Road Survey

Memorial University’s pavement research group (ARTEL) is conducting this anonymous survey to understand public opinion on roadway assets. Please participate in our study if you are or have been a resident of a small community with a population size of less than 5000… View More

99th TRB-AM, Washington

We are delighted to present our research at the 99th Annual Meeting of TRB, that will be held during January 11-16, 2020 in Washington DC, USA. Thanks to the students and collaborators. In this TRB, we will present the following papers and contribute in the following technical sessions. All are welcome to the events!!!… View More

64th CTAA-AM, Montreal

Dr. Hossain and Surya Swarna are at the 64th Annual Meeting of Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that took place from Nov. 24 to Nov. 27, 2019. In this meeting… View More

N.L. Road Issues

On Nov. 20, 2019, Dr. Kamal Hossain gave an invited public lecture in the speaking of engineering lecture regarding the province’s road conditions, pavement maintenance and the challenges and opportunities for improving road and highway conditions. This lecture is… View More

Asphalt Performance

Dr. Hossain gives a talk at the pavement engineering research symposium organized by the University of Waterloo on April 26, 2019. In this talk, he described… View More

Telegram Interview

Dr. Hossain gives an interview with The Telegram on 14 March 2019 regarding NL road conditions including potholes, ruts and cracking problems. In this over a half-an-hour interview, various issues related to our roads and potential solutions…View More

Memories from an Exciting Day!!!

Few weeks ago we got the privilege to receive an invitation from our provincial minister of transportation Honourable Steve Crocker to present our ongoing works on pavement engineering research here at MUN, and to discuss how we can work together to improve our road conditions…View More

2019 Pavement Research Symposium at Waterloo

ARTEL is very pleased to participate at the pavement engineering research symposium and 2019 Grinch meeting during 25-27 April at the University of Waterloo. In this symposium and meeting, Dr. Hossain presented an update of pavement research activities of Memorial University. Thanks to the Waterloo…View More

Thanks to Chris and Omega!

ARTEL thanks Chris and Omega for their excellent works for the last few months.  As co-op student, they have contributed in two exciting projects, entitled “Can we improve Road Safety in City of St. John’s Roads? “and “Effect of Autonomous Vehicle and Connected Traffic System on the Pavement Design…View More

Lessons Learned Can Help

Dr. Hossain gives an interview with the Western Star on Hansen Highway cracking on 18 January 2019. In this over half-an-hour interview, various issues related to pavement durability, pavement mixture design and testing systems have been discussed. A recommendation to the Department of Transportation and….View More

TSB and Road Safety

Thanks to Dr. Shalaby for his persistence efforts to talk about road safety issues in Canada. I echo with you…View More

Congrats to Mutalab on PhD Comprehensive 

Mutalab Ali, a PhD student working at ARTEL, passed his PhD comprehensive exam on 25 March 2019. Congrats Mutalab! You have done a great job! For the next few years, Mutalab will be working to better understand the different ruts in NL roads. We wish him all the best…View More

ARTEL at TRB 2019

We are delighted to present our research at the 98th Annual Meeting of TRB, that will be held during January 13-17, 2019 in Washington DC, USA. Thanks to the students and collaborators. In this TRB, we will present the following papers and contribute in the following technical sessions. All are welcome to the…View More

Participation in 2018 CTAA, TAC, CSCE, and TRB Conferences

It has been a great year for our new team! With the contributions from students and collaborators,  we have showcased our research efforts in several important conferences this year. Thanks to all who helped to make these happen! The following  papers have been presented in conferences in 2018!…View More

Surya in Ottawa Arctic Meeting

Surya Swarna, who is a doctoral researcher at ARTEL, has recently received a grant from Transport Canada of Government of Canada to participate in the Arctic scientific meeting held in Ottawa in December 2018. The arctic meeting is a forum for exchanging knowledge between climate researchers. In his Ph.D.,…View More

APSE  Newsletter Fall 2018

The Academy of Pavement Science and Engineering (APSE) paves the way and defines the future of pavement engineering profession. Please click the link below to learn about the activities of APSE!!!…View More

The Gazette Features “Sustainable Pavement for Harsh Climate” Project!

Our new NSERC Discovery Grant project on “development of sustainable pavement for harsh Canadian climate” is featured on the Gazette of Memorial University. Below is the link for the news article. Thanks to Jeff Green from the Gazette for reaching out, and covering this important topic…View More

CBC Interview 

CBC interviews  Dr. Hossain regarding road conditions of Newfoundland on 12 June 2018. Over half an hour, a number of questions related to our road pavement was discussed. Of which, a part has been quoted in this CBC article and broadcasted on CBC radio on 18 June 2018…View More

Research Initiative for Sustainable Road Pavement for NL

Dr. Hossain presented an overview of MUN’s initiative for developing pavement research program on May 31 in transportation committee of the university. This committee consists of members from transportation and infrastructure departments from several cities and agencies including City of St. John’s, City of Mt Perl, Township of Paradise, Metrobus agency and senior officials from the facility management department including its director….View More

Congrats to Thomas for NSERC CGS-M Award!

Thomas  Donnelly has recently received prestigious NSERC CGS-M award for his achievements in research and academic excellence. Under the supervision of Dr. Kamal Hossain who was then a final year doctoral researcher at the civil and environmental engineering department of the University of Waterloo, Thomas contributed in several research studies. Although it was his first undergrad co-op term, with his fast learning ability, Thomas contributed and co-authored three technical papers that studied effects of pavement types and pre-wetting materials on optimal WRM, and development of a mechanistic-empirical model, which were published in CJCE/ASCE journals….View More

Thanks to Co-op Research Team

Thanks to Michael, Shady and Tim for their great contributions in our several research projects. Mike worked on Understanding Role of Nano-materials  for Improving Asphalt Binder Performance, Shady studied and analyzed Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Data  to estimate pavement damage cost….View More

Research Initiative on “Pothole Repair” & “Winter Road Maintenance” for St. John’s

Dr. Hossain meets with a team from the Department of Public Works of City of St. John’s and delivers a presentation on “Sustainable Pavements and Winter Road Maintenance for Newfoundland” on March 23, 2018…..View More

Memorial Pavement Research Group: 1st Group Meeting

On Thursday, March 8th, 2018, ARTEL had its first group meeting in the S.J. Carew building at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). This was attended by Dr. Kamal Hossain, and by his three Ph.D. students, one master’s student via Skype, and three co-op students…..View More

Recycling Waste Tire of Newfoundland

Dr. Andy Fisher and Dr. Kamal Hossain meet with Waste Tire Program team members of Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) of Newfoundland and Labrador on March 7, 2018. A two-hour session was well spent to explore and brainstorm different local application options, and subsequent research projects or pilot projects for Waste Tires of Newfoundland…..View More

Infrastructure Canada: Smart Cities Challenge

Dr. Carlos Bazan, Dr. Noori Saady and Dr. Kamal Hossain from the Department of Civil Engineering meet the City of Mt. Pearl Infrastructure Management on March 5, 2018…..View More

97th TRB Annual Meeting

Dr. Hossain is at the 97th TRB Annual Meeting and the Academy of Pavement Science and Engineering inaugural meeting. In this TRB, Dr. Hossain has presented three research papers from his works at Illinois and Waterloo, and they sum-up to hit 20th paper presented in TRB in last 6 years…..View More

Pavement Research for Newfoundland

Dr. Hossain gives a talk on “Pavement Research for Newfoundland” with the geotechnical and pavement groups…..View More

Research Initiative for Sustainable Pavements and Roads in Newfoundland

Dr. Hossain gives a presentation on “Research Initiative for Sustainable Pavements and Roads in Newfoundland” to the pavement and infrastructure management group of the City of St. John’s in the City Hall…..View More

Sustainable Pavement Materials, Designs and Performance Data

Dr. Hossain gives a talk on “Sustainable Pavement Materials, Designs and Performance Data” at the seminar of Memorial’s…..View More

62nd Annual Meeting of Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA)

Dr. Hossain and Waterloo pavement group are at the 62nd Annual Meeting of Canadian Technical Asphalt Association (CTAA) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, that…..View More

Advanced Data for Sustainable Pavement Designs

Dr. Hossain gives a presentation at the Dalhousie University on “Advanced Data for Sustainable Pavement Designs”…..View More

Sustainable Winter Road Maintenance

Dr. Hossain from ARTEL at MUN participates at the 2017 Transportation Association of Canada Conference, from Sept. 24-27, in St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada, where…..View More

International Conference on Highway Pavement and Airfield Technology, ASCE

Dr. Hossain has attended the International Conference on Highway Pavement and Airfield Technology of ASCE, from August 27 to August 30, in Pittsburg, Philadelphia, USA, where he presented the following works…..View More

54th Petersen Asphalt Research Conference (WRI Conference)

Dr. Hossain has recently attended the 54th Petersen Asphalt Research Conference during July 17-19. This conference is organized by the Western Research Institute (WRI) at the University of Wyoming in Wyoming, USA…..View More

Annual Conference of Association of Asphalt Pavement Technologists (AAPT)

Dr. Hossain and some representatives from Illinois pavement research group including Dr. Imad Al-Qadi, Fazal Safi (MASc Student), Shenghua Wu (Research Engineer) attend the 92nd Annual Conference…..View More