Dr. Hossain gives an interview with the Western Star on Hansen Highway cracking on 18 January 2019. In this over half-an-hour interview , various issues related to pavement durability, pavement mixture design and testing systems have been discussed. A recommendation to the department of transportation and works has also been made to conduct forensic investigation of this highway section, so lessons learned can be utilized to reduce such failure in future years.

Memorial pavement research team will be very pleased to collaborate with provincial/municipal transportation departments for developing an improved pavement design, construction, management system for our very own province. As a researcher, there can’t be more happier thing than when you work with your own agencies to improve or solve a local problem.

A summary of the interview can be found in the websites of The Western Star and The Telegram. Thanks to the Western Star reporter for reaching us to discuss this issue.

The Western Star


The Telegram