Photo of Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Co-op Student, Winter 2018

Michael Collins is currently a 2nd year engineering student at Memorial University. Under supervision of Dr Kamal Hossain, he is working on project entitled “Usage of Innovative and Emerging Nano-materials for Improving Performance of Asphalt Binder: A Systematic Review”
Michael is expected to graduate in April of 2021 with a Bachelor of Engineering. Along with his academic duties, he is a frequent volunteer with the Memorial Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, the Engineering Society, and Japanese Society, and works with the Aerospace Design Club.
Michael’s interest in engineering comes from an overwhelming fascination of emerging technologies. This includes but not limited to nanomachines, robotics, drones, and exoskeletons. He is also fascinated with new ways to apply physical elements such as electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. Beyond academia, he is an avid weightlifter and kendo practitioner. His interests include writing and reading philosophy and science fiction.


Safiuddin Md, Hossain K, Collins C M. (2018). Potential Applications of Self-Cleansing Nano Lotus Leaf Biomimicked Coating in Different Construction Sectors. 7th International Materials Specialty Conference, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. Accepted.