My straight views 

Thanks to Dr. Shalaby for his persistence efforts to talk about road safety issues in Canada. I echo with you.

I want to add that I feel it’s the time, conceptually, we need to strongly call for a full FHWA in Canada. Yes, we need FHWA-Canada with all its programs from US-FHWA and its associated agencies. During my postdoctoral time in USA, I witnessed various transportation projects ongoing in USA; I felt like that FHWA is everywhere in transportation sector in USA and it is an engine for fueling innovation and performance in transportation sector in USA. While  it has many programs in various transport domains including road safety,  road performance, sustainable transportation infrastructure or autonomous  and connected vehicle system developments, I felt like it also functions as an umbrella and thrives to enhance total transportation performance of the country, since  all transportation modes including air, marine and road are an interconnected system and play vital role in the nation’s economy.

In my view, our federal government should take more steps to improve road infrastructures including road safety in Canada. Otherwise, Canada will fall behind than other developed nations.

Here is more about Dr. Shalaby’s call on improving road safety:

Kamal Hossain
PC: Ashley Fraser/Postmedia