Photo of Shady Soliman

Shady Soliman

Co-op Student, Winter 2018

Shady Soliman is currently is a 4th year undergraduate student at Memorial University. He is currently working on analyzing long term pavement performance (LTPP) data collected in Canadian and USA test sections by Canadian-SHRP and USA-SHRP programs. One of the main objectives of this project is to develop a comparative picture of  pavement responses and life cycle environmental impacts  for different traffic volume, weather conditions, pavement thickness designs and pavement mixtures.

In May 2019, he will graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering, with a focus on Material Engineering. He has earned the Memorial University Entrance Scholarship for top applicants. Shady is a member of a number of student and professional organizations, this includes the Memorial University Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), and the MUN Engineering Society.

During the past year, he has completed two co-op work terms. He has worked as an Engineering Student Engagement Partner for the Faculty of Engineering at Memorial University, where he conducted research with regards to improving the first year engineering program. He has also created a design project for one of the first year engineering courses at Memorial University, which will eventually be implemented into the curriculum. Furthermore, Shady has worked at the Marine Institute in St. John’s in order to create interactive online engineering questions for an online database, which will eventually be available internationally to assist in the evaluation of mariners for their certificate advancement.

Shady is interested in material engineering, and is eager to pursue it as a career path. Also due to his interest in design, Shady is a certified user of AutoCad and SolidWorks. Outside of Academia, his interests include politics, and economics, and he has participated in multiple seminars. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.