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In the recent years, transportation agencies have shifted their focus from the construction of new roads to the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing highways. Therefore, hundreds of kilometers of road are rehabilitated/upgraded in Canada.  Appropriate strategies are needed to effectively maintain and rehabilitate the roads. Many past studies reported that the life of overlays depends on the interface condition between the existing pavement and overlay. In addition to this, the overlay fails mainly due to lack of proper maintenance for existing pavement before constructing the overlay. In this research, Finite Element-based software program (ABAQUS) will be employed to evaluate the interlayer damages between the existing pavement and overlay. Various interface conditions will be modelled for evaluating the performance of the overlay. The results obtained from the analysis is expected to help in selecting appropriate maintenance strategies for developing a sustainable overlay construction specification.

Project Report

Link to Preliminary Report: Effect of Interface Bonds on Pavement Performance, Innovation, and Technology: Evolving Transportation