By Dr. Christiane Raab on 04/19/2023.

Christiane Raab graduated as a Civil Engineer from Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. In 2011, she received her PhD from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. For many years, she was the group leader of the Road Construction Materials and Pavements Division in the “Road Construction / Sealing” Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa). After the merger with the Concrete Division in 2020, she now works as senior scientist in the “Concrete and Asphalt” Laboratory. Christiane is also an Associate Research Professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and a lecturer at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

She is the member and chairperson of different national and international committees such as the Swiss Association of Road and Transportation Experts VSS, ISAP, RILEM and EATA. She also acts as an associate editor and board member of research journals and is the author of many publications for conferences and peer reviewed journals.

In this seminar, Dr. Raab covered the topic of standards in the field of bituminous pavements. Specifically, the discussion focused on bituminous binders according to European standardization, asphalt mixture and pavement types used in Switzerland, and asphalt concrete testing. It highlighted the specific requirements and testing methods for paving grade and polymer-modified bitumen. These standards ensure the quality and durability of asphalt pavements, which are crucial for transportation infrastructure.

If you are interested, Please click on the link to access the webinar: