By Dr. Reza Imaninasab on 04/26/2023.

Reza Imaninasab received his PhD from École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in March 2023 and his MSc from Iran University of Technology in September 2013. During his PhD, he focused on the mix design of asphalt mixtures containing RAP contents of over 50%. He has also published 23 scientific papers in reputable journals within the last six years, which have garnered over 660 citations.

In this presentation, Dr. Imaninasab concluded that the use of Bailey method concepts can significantly improve the rutting resistance of asphalt mixtures. The mix design used in his study was also found to be effective in ranking asphalt mixtures based on fatigue performance, although advanced testing and analysis are necessary to fully evaluate this complex phenomenon. In analyzing fatigue life of asphalt mixtures containing high RAP, the VECD approach was found to be a better option compared to classical methods. Furthermore, the behavior of asphalt mixtures with high RAP content is more indicative of asphalt binder at high temperatures and/or low frequencies, rather than at all temperatures and frequencies.

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