By Alyssa Bernier on 04/12/2023.

Alyssa Bernier is a Master’s student at Carleton University graduating in Spring 2023. She completed her Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. During her time there, Alyssa gained experience conducting field sampling and quality control testing on various construction materials, including asphalt. This experience sparked her interest in asphalt material properties and laboratory testing, ultimately leading her to pursue a master’s degree in pavement engineering. Her research has focused on using Pavement Mechanistic-Empirical Design software to simulate and predict the impact of heat waves on flexible pavements.

In this webinar, Alyssa discussed the impacts of the unprecedented 2021 heat wave on Western Canadian pavements. Also, she put special emphasis on the impacts of some simulated heat waves on Ontario pavements. She reported increases in rutting due to hear waves with the potential for it to become worse with the onset of climate change.

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