Photo of Mohamed Atia

Mohamed Atia

Assistant Professor, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering. Interests: sensors & signal processing; wireless positioning/navigation; A.I. & machine learning.

Degrees:B.S., M.Sc. (Ain Shams University), Ph.D. (Queen’s)
Phone:(613) 520-2600 x 5779
Office:MC 7030
Website:Prof. Mohamed Atia

Dr. Mohamed Atia is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering. His research interests include real-time embedded systems, sensor-fusion, signal processing, estimation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, multi-sensors integrated navigation, guidance, and control, collaborative navigation, wireless positioning, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), Inertial Sensors (INS), simultaneous localization and mapping, attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), vision/radar/liDAR-aided navigation, localization and mapping.