Research, technology, and academia are coming together in support of innovation here at Carleton in ways that are unique in Canada. On November 9, 2015, Dr. Mohamed Ibnkahla was announced as a multidisciplinary Cisco-funded Research Chair that will develop and facilitate sensor network technologies for the Internet of Things. The research chair, funded at $1.8 million over the next nine years, will focus on the infrastructure of state-of the-art sensor technologies. This will enable researchers at Carleton to utilize real-time data analytics to develop widespread solutions for business, healthcare, and everyday life. By increasing the efficiency and reliability of diagnostic and data collection networks, sensor technologies will allow all areas of industry and government to evolve in a manner that better meets the needs of Canadians.

Dr. Sreeraman Rajan, an electronics engineer with expertise in sensors and signal processing is  Carleton’s Canada Research Chair on Sensor Systems. Under the $500,000 grant that comes with the five-year Canada Research Chair title, Dr. Rajan will look at various kinds of sensors, including ambient environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people without being obtrusive.

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