Poster Guidelines

Please review the following poster guidelines for poster presentations.

  • Please prepare your poster within the following dimensions:
    • maximum 4′ high x 3′ wide
    • each poster board will display two vertical posters side by side
    • you may use this pre-sized .pptx poster template if helpful: CanCH4-PosterTemplate
  • The posters will be displayed in the dedicated poster area for the entire duration of Day 1 and Day 2 of the symposium.
  • The event agenda includes dedicated time slots for the poster discussions. Please make sure that you (or your co-authors) are present at your poster and available for questions and discussions.
  • At the time of the registration, please bring your printed poster and our volunteers will guide you to the assigned board in the poster area. Our team will help answer any questions and supply push pins.
  • Please also email us a PDF copy of your final poster for sharing with online attendees and our lead sponsor NRCan 

Additional poster tips

  • Use a large, legible font size for all text on your poster:
    • Title banner should be legible from 20 feet away
    • Body text should legible from 6 feet away
  • Utilize headings and subheadings effectively to make the content visually distinct.
  • Avoid overcrowding your poster with long paragraphs. Whenever possible, present information in concise bullet points, graphs and images.
  • Opt for light backgrounds with dark text to ensure readability.
  • Ensure that all figures, graphs, photos, and visual content are high-quality and clear. They should be visible and readable from about 10-15 feet away.
  • Label each figure, graph, photo, or visual content to provide clear reference.

Poster Template