Our Mandate

The project has three main mandate areas:

Outreach activities of the network promote enhanced understanding of the EU-Canada relationship in academia, the policy and business communities, and among interested public. They also serve to strengthen existing linkages and create new partnerships with policy-makers, the business community, young professionals, public servants, think tanks, and civil society organizations. Outreach activities include policy workshops, policy briefs, and interactive multimedia materials posted through our website and shared YouTube channel.

Beginning in summer 2018, the network will bring together European and Canadian graduate students to engage in learning experiences that will deepen their knowledge of the Canada-EU relationship, facilitate research and professional networks, and reinforce mutual understanding and insights. The shared educational environment will help to shape a new generation of experts who can consider the benefits of Canada-EU cooperation in their future teaching, research and professional careers.

The network facilitates research workshops in Canada and Europe that generates new research projects, facilitates sharing of research findings, and produces joint academic publications that aim to share the findings of specific Canada-EU partnership areas.