Technical University Darmstadt
The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “EU in Global Dialogue” (CEDI) was selected by the European Commission in July 2015 to support an ambitious programme of research, teaching and outreach activities in the Institute of Political Science at TU Darmstadt. The Centre is directed by Prof. Dr. Michèle Knodt, Jean Monnet Chair of ‘Comparative Politics and European Integration’, and is a focal point of competence and knowledge on European Union issues. It gathers the expertise of high-level experts and aims to develop synergies between the various disciplines and resources in European studies, as well as to create joint transnational activities and structural links with academic institutions in other countries. The Centre also ensures openness to civil society, building on a regional hub of expertise within the “EU in Global Dialogue” project.

Within the Jean Monnet Canada-EU Network, the TU Darmstadt Team will promote knowledge sharing opportunities with emphasis on the evolving EU-Canada strategic partnership in conflict management. TU Darmstadt will bring together academics, students, political actors and the public during a policy workshop to be hosted in Darmstadt in 2019 to address existing and developing arenas of cooperation in conflict management. The team will further contribute to other workshops hosted by the network and engage critically with the subjects at hand through a series of policy briefs. In 2019 and 2020, TU Darmstadt will provide a grant for two German graduate students to travel to Carleton University in Canada to participate in an intensive summer seminar session. Students may combine taking the course with other activities, such as research, language training, or fieldwork. TU Darmstadt will also host Canadian graduate students every year to participate in research internships in areas of TU Darmstadt Team.