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The Hive @ CDCC

290 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, Ontario

The Hive is a special collection of small meeting rooms and practice rooms located within the CDCC Arts, Performance and Learning Centre in downtown Ottawa. Interested users can apply for a free membership and orientation that opens access to an online-only portal to book and cancel rooms within The Hive!

By embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion, The Hive @ CDCC aspires to be a catalyst for positive social change through the transformative power of the arts, performances, and learning experiences. Together, we can create an inclusive and vibrant community that fosters creativity, empowers individuals, and enriches the cultural fabric of our society.

Getting a Membership

Members Book Online Only

    • Hive members can sign into The Hive online portal. Click Here to Access the Online Portal.
    • View, book and pay for rooms based on availability.
    • Cancel / reschedule online.
    • Drop-in bookings are not available at this time. Please book your space prior to arriving.

Photo Gallery + Floorplan

About The Hives

Opening Hours

  • Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu = 10am to 8pm
  • Fri/Sat/Sun = 10am to 4pm
  • Hours can vary depending on building/holiday schedules.

Maximum Hours of Booking

  • 10 hours per week maximum
  • Please ensure setup and cleanup time is included in your reservation.
  • Booked in one hour intervals, with a minimum one hour interval.


  • High Speed Internet Port in each room + Wifi available

Extra Equipment

  • Up to you!
  • Please bring along anything you may need (including projectors, screens, power cables, ethernet cables, adaptors, extra music stands, etc).
  • Borrowing equipment between hives is not possible at this time to ensure availability for other hive bookings.
  • Other CDCC equipment is unavailable to be used in The Hive at this time. Thank you for the understanding.




Capacity 4 12
Furniture & Equipment

1 x Table

4 x Chairs

2 x Music Stands

1 x Power Bar


Basic Electric Keyboards (in A/B/C/D)

4 x Tables

12 x Chairs

1 x Power Bar


Rates $15/hr + HST

(includes Carleton general liability insurance)

$20/hr + HST

(includes Carleton general liability insurance)

Room Use Small Meeting Room

Solo or Acoustic Music Practice Room

Note: no drum kits or amplified group music at this time.

Small or Large Meeting Room

Small Group Drama Practice Room

Note: no music playing (acoustic or amplified) related to sound travel at this time.

FAQ / Helpful Hints


For more information: TheHive@carleton.ca