1. Book Space at CDCC
  2. Booking Policies and Procedures
  3. Cancellations
  4. Promotions, Box Office & Front of House Services:
  5. Building and Accessibility:
  6. Health, Safety, and Conduct:

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Book Space at CDCC

 Call 613-520-4401 or email CDCC@carleton.ca to make a booking or for general inquiries.

To view the various rooms and rates available to book, download the PDF below.

Booking Policies and Procedures

Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre (CDCC) is an Arts, Performance and Learning Centre dedicated to providing a welcoming, professional and safe environment to foster programming that is multi-generational, diverse, and inclusive.

We welcome bookings from Carleton University and all members of the community for performances, community arts initiatives, lectures, meetings and beyond.

Rooms Available for Bookings Include

Ground Level Level 1 Level 2 Basement Level
Sanctuary Parlour Room 14 Fellowship Hall
Woodside Hall Room 15/16
Woodside Kitchen Room 17
The Jean Teron Green Room

Booking Priority is as Follows

  • Carleton University user groups *December 1 deadline for booking subsequent academic year
  • Resident tenants, partners and affiliates *December 15 deadline for booking subsequent academic year
  • Community user groups

Tentative and Firm Bookings

  • A preliminary/tentative booking request may be placed to hold a date for a limited time.
  • User groups with tentative bookings are asked to confirm or release their tentative holds as soon as it is known.
  • To fully confirm a booking, a contract/reservation must be signed, and a minimum 35% deposit must be provided for rentals over $1000 CAD prior to hst. All rentals below $1000 CAD prior to hst must be paid in full at the time of confirming the booking.
  • Where a balance is owed, the full rental is due prior to the event unless special arrangements are made to settle payment on the day of the event.
  • Additional fees to apply for events that start prior to 8am or end past 10pm.
  • HST will be added to all invoices.
  • All rates are subject to change.

Tentative Bookings Challenged

  • Any user group with a tentatively booked date may be asked to confirm their booking if another user inquiry is made for the same date/space.
  • If the first user group cancels their tentative booking, the second user group will be offered the space.
  • If the first user group wishes to proceed with their booking, the first user group must sign their contract/reservation and provide deposit within 5 business days to make their booking firm. If the booking is not made firm within 5 business days, the booking may be released to the second user group.


  • Please refer to your contract agreement to confirm all timelines related to cancellations and contract changes.


  • All user groups are responsible for their own liabilities and third party insurance in the minimum amount of $5,000,000 CAD inclusive per booking. Proof of insurance naming Carleton University as additional insured is mandatory for all bookings and must be supplied prior to any event. Please reach out to CDCC to find out more information about purchasing Carleton University event insurance.

Overtime & Stat Holidays

  • Please note that overtime and stat holiday premiums apply where applicable.


  • The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) and Re:Sound require that a license is purchased if user groups are using copyright music during their event. The purchase of these licenses, and payments are the responsibility of the user group. Note: CDCC is required to add these fees to contracts when music is being played at receptions.

Promotions, Box Office & Front of House Services:

  • All ticketing and advertising of the event is the responsibility of the user group.
  • It is the responsibility of the user group to hire or arrange for all staff/volunteers required to run Front of House (FOH) including: ushers, ticket takers, ticket sales, merchandise sales, medical attendants, security, setup, cleanup, servers, etc. CDCC staff are only available to make suggestions for coverage when requested in writing.
  • All catering services to be arranged by the user group.
  • All merchandise sales to be arranged by the user group.
  • All plans for recording at CDCC (promotional, archival, commercial or otherwise) to be clearly defined and outlined. Mindfulness for other guests/ activities in venue required. 
  • Click Here for a Link to the Main Hall Seating Map


  • CDCC has limited available equipment and will work to accommodate basic requests – noting that some requests will require additional technician fees, equipment rental fees or extra charges to mobilize.
  • All additional special production requests to be arranged for and paid for by the user group. CDCC to oversee/ authorize any special requests for equipment or technicians that are arranged by the event organizer to ensure building safety and standards are maintained. 

Building and Accessibility:

  • The event organizer acknowledges that there is limited paid parking available at CDCC. Free parking is not available. Overflow parking (paid, street or otherwise) available nearby.
  • There are two accessible ramp entrances to the building, and one elevator to serve all levels. Please reach out to CDCC staff with any accessibility inquiries. 

Health, Safety, and Conduct:

  • “Carleton University is committed to the protection of the health, safety, and wellbeing of all members of the University community. The University strives to promote a strong and sustainable culture of a safe and healthy workplace and study environment that will facilitate the awareness of risk, the prevention of injury and illness, in an environment free from violence and harassment. The University will adhere to all applicable environmental and occupational health and safety legislation.”
  • “Equity Services supports Carleton University’s commitment to diversity as a source of human excellence, cultural enrichment and social strength. Our vision is the creation of a safe work and academic environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge and personal and intellectual growth, one that is not only free of discrimination, injustice and violence, but is also characterized by understanding, respect, peace, trust, openness and fairness.”
  • It is the user group’s responsibility to ensure that any persons under their direction comply with applicable health, safety and conduct policies and procedures mandated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Carleton University. User groups who do not comply with this responsibility may also forfeit opportunity to make future bookings at CDCC.
  • Click here for CDCC COVID Information.