The department offers graduate programs leading to Doctoral and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Master’s in Infrastructure Protection and International Security (MIPIS). For more information refer to the graduate calendar found here.

The graduate programs in Civil and Environmental Engineering are offered through the Joint Institutes with University of Ottawa

Applications for Civil Engineering can be done through the OCICE Institute web page  Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Civil Engineering (OCICE)

Applications for Environmental Engineering program can be made on line through the OCIENE Institute web pages Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Environmental Engineering (OCIENE)

Applications for Infrastructure Protection and International Security (MIPIS)  can be done following the instructions on the IPIS website

In Civil Engineering, students can specialize in Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering & Fire Safety Engineering.

A Master’s program typically is completed in two years, and student’s pursuing a Master’s can select either a Thesis Master’s (M.A.Sc.), Project Masters (M.Eng. Project) or a Coursework Masters (M.Eng. Coursework).