On behalf of all members of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, I would like to welcome you and invite you to explore what our Department has to offer in terms of excellent engineering programs and a dynamic research environment that serves our community and works to find solutions to real world problems. Our Department is one of the most creative, innovative, and diverse Civil and Environmental Engineering Departments in Canada. Our focus is on people and our mission is to provide the fundamental high quality engineering education needed to design, construct, protect and maintain our infrastructure and our environment. Our graduates are responsible for the infrastructure we rely on daily and are trusted with the task to ensure that we are safe and that we have clean air to breath, clean water to drink and clean soil to grow our crops.

We are excited and proud of our different undergraduate and programs that range from the more established to more innovative, interdisciplinary programs. At the undergraduate level, students have the choice of three different programs: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Architectural Conservation and Sustainability. Our B.Eng. in Architectural Conservation and Sustainability is a joint initiative between our Department and the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism to educate our undergraduate students in the preservation and conservation of our heritage and historical infrastructure as well as in the design of energy efficient and environmentally friendly new infrastructure. At the graduate level, the Department offers, in collaboration with the University of Ottawa, Master’s of Engineering (M.Eng.), Master’s of Applied Science (M.A.Sc), and Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The Department has also joined with the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs to offer a Master’s program in Infrastructure Protection and International Security, which provides graduates with the tools and understanding needed to protect our critical infrastructure.

Our research portfolio is strong and diverse but focused on protecting our society and our environment. We have world class labs in our John Adjeleian Laboratory, which includes a 300 m2 structural strong floor. We have specialized labs in environmental, geotechnical, and transportation engineering, and a high performance computing facility. We recently added an endowed chair in the Jarislowsky Chair in Water and Global Health. Our Department is proud of the research work and contributions of the faculty in areas ranging from structural health monitoring, fire-structure interaction, transportation safety and intelligent transportation systems, connected and autonomous systems, sustainable buildings and communities, and liquefaction of soils, through to the fate and removal of pharmaceuticals in wastewater and surface waters, the simulation of regional air quality, and waste management alternatives for mine wastes and municipal solid waste.

Carleton University is Canada’s Capital University. Come and join us in making our world a better, safer, and more sustainable place.

Yasser Hassan
613-520-2600 ext 3393