Carleton Library Series has published over 200 works relating to Canadian history, politics, society, economics, geography, and other related fields. Below is a listing of the works that have been published, according to publication date, with a link to the McGill-Queen’s University Press listing for more information.

AKENSOn_irish_tn The Irish in Ontario, Second Edition
Donald Harman Akenson
no_thumb The Canadian Economy in the Great Depression
A.E. , Safarian
Browne_documents_tn Documents on the Confederation of British North America
G.P. Browne
Zeller_inventingcanada_tn Inventing Canada
Suzanne Zeller
TaylorMaslove_healthinsurance_tn Health Insurance and Canadian Public Policy
Malcolm G. Taylor
McKay_quest_tn The Quest of the Folk
Ian McKay
bouchard_tn The Making of the Nations and Cultures of the New World
Gerard Bouchard
watkins_staples_tn Staples and Beyond
Edited by Hugh Grant and David A. Wolfe
nicholson_tn Fighting Newfoundlander, The
G. W. L. Nicholson
craig_tn Lord Durham’s Report, New Edition
Introduction by Janet Ajzenstat and Gerald M. Craig
no_thumb History of Canadian Business
R.T. Naylor
waite_confed_tn Confederation Debates in the Province of Canada, 1865
P.B. Waite
grant_40th_tn Lament for a Nation, 40th Anniversary Edition
George Grant
bryce_cost_tn Canada and the Cost of World War II
Edited by Matthew J. Bellamy
johnson_quandary_tn Canadian Quandary, The
Harry Johnson
coates_morrison_tn Land of the Midnight Sun
Ken Coates
cook_ramsay_tn Watching Quebec
Ramsay Cook
nelles_tn Politics of Development, The
H.V. Nelles
kuffert_tn Great Duty, A
L.B. Kuffert
mann_dream_tn Dream of Nation, Second edition, The
Susan Mann
preston_tn Cree Narrative, Second Edition
Richard J. Preston
levitt_silent_tn Silent Surrender, New Edition
Kari Levitt
trigger_children_tn Children of Aataentsic, The
Bruce G. Trigger
clarkej_tn Land, Power, and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada
John Clarke
mckillop_disciplined_tn Disciplined Intelligence, A
A.B. McKillop
winks_blacks_tn Blacks in Canada, Second Edition, The
Robin W. Winks