Carleton Library Series has published over 230 works relating to Canadian history, politics, society, economics, geography, and other related fields. Below is a listing of the works that have been published, according to publication date, with a link to the McGill-Queen’s University Press listing for more information.

Statesman of the Piano

Edited by Sean Mills, Eric Fillion and Désirée Rochat

Confessions of an Immigrant’s Daughter

Laura Goodman Salverson, Introduction by Carl Watts

Small Stories of War

Edited by Barbara Lorenzkowski, Kristine Alexander and Andrew Burtch

Canadian Literary Fare

Nathalie Cooke and Shelley Boyd

The Eye of the Master

Dalie Giroux

Trade and Commerce

Malcolm Lavoie

Regulatory Failure and Renewal: The Evolution of the National Monopoly contract

John R. Baldwin

Harriet’s Legacies: Race, Historical Memory, and Futures in Canada

Edited by Ronald Cummings and Natalee Caple

Canada to Ireland: Poetry, Politics, and the Shaping of Canadian Nationalism, 1788-1900

Michelle Holmgren

University Women: A History of Women and Higher Education in Canada

Sara Z. MacDonald

Hall-Dennis and the Road to Utopia: Education and Modernity in Ontario

Josh Cole

Blacks in Canada: A History

Robin W. Winks

Mrs Dalgairns’s Kitchen: Rediscovering The Pratice of Cookery

Edited by Mary F. Williamson, With modernized recipes by Elizabeth Baird/td>

Take a Number: How Citizens’ Encounters with Government Shape Political Engagement

Elisabeth Gidengil

Anxious Days and Tearful Nights: Canadian War Wives during the Grat War

Martha Hanna

Recognition and Revelation: Short Nonfiction Writings

Margaret Laurence

The Art of Sharing: The Richer versus the Poorer Provinces since Confederation/a>

Mary Janigan

Home Feelings: Liberal Citizenship and the Canadian Reading Camp Movement

Jody Mason

Change and Continuity: Canadian Political Economy in the New Millennium

Edited by Mark P. Thomas, Leah F. Vosko, Carlo Fanelli, and Olena Lyubchenko

Stanley’s Dream: The Medical Expedition to Easter Island

Jacalyn Duffin

Beardmore: The Viking Hoax that Rewrote History

Doughlas Hunter

Like Everyone Else but Different

Morton Weinfeld

Report on Social Security for Canada

Leonard Marsh

The Hand of God

Michael Gauvreau

Tug of War

Jocelyn Wills

Catharine Parr Traill’s The Female Emigrant’s Guide: Cooking with a Canadian Classic

Nathalie Cooke and Fiona Lucas eds.

Tax, Order, and Good Government

E.A. Heaman

Filling the Ranks

Richard Holt

Wildlife, Land, and People

Donald G. Wetherell

An Undisciplined Economist

Robert G. Evans

Trade, Industrial Policy, and International Competition

Richard G. Harris

Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919

G.W.L. Nicholson


G. Bruce Doern et al.

W.A. MacKintosh: The Life of a Canadian Economist

Hugh Grant

Lives in Transition

Peter Baskerville and Kris Inwood eds.

The Canadian Oral History Reader

Kristina R. Llewellyn et al. eds.

The Great War as I Saw it

Frederick George Scott

And We Go On

Will R. Bird

Asleep at the Switch

Bruce Smardon

In Duty Bound

J.K. Johnson

The Illustrated History of Canada

Craig Brown ed.

A Two-Edged Sword

Nicholas Tracy

How Schools Worked

R.D. Gidney and W.P.J. Millar

Interregional Migration and Public Policy in Canada

Kathleen M. Day and Stanley L. Winer

Peopling the North American City: Montreal 1840-1900

Sherry Olson and Patricia Thornton

Surveyors of Empire

Stephen J. Hornsby

Industrial Organization in Canada

Zhiqi Chen & Marc Duhamel eds.

So Vast and Various

John Warkentin, ed.

The Ordinary People of Essex

John Clarke

The Canadian Economy in the Great Depression

A.E. Safarian

AKENSOn_irish_tn The Irish in Ontario, Second Edition

Donald Harman Akenson

Browne_documents_tn Documents on the Confederation of British North America

G.P. Browne

Zeller_inventingcanada_tn Inventing Canada

Suzanne Zeller

McKay_quest_tn The Quest of the Folk

Ian McKay

TaylorMaslove_healthinsurance_tn Health Insurance and Canadian Public Policy

Malcolm G. Taylor

bouchard_tn The Making of the Nations and Cultures of the New World

Gerard Bouchard

watkins_staples_tn Staples and Beyond

Edited by Hugh Grant and David A. Wolfe

nicholson_tn The Fighting Newfoundlander

G. W. L. Nicholson

craig_tn Lord Durham’s Report, New Edition 

Introduction by Janet Ajzenstat and Gerald M. Craig

History of Canadian Business

R.T. Naylor

waite_confed_tn Confederation Debates in the Province of Canada, 1865

P.B. Waite

grant_40th_tn Lament for a Nation, 40th Anniversary Edition

George Grant

bryce_cost_tn Canada and the Cost of World War II

Edited by Matthew J. Bellamy

johnson_quandary_tn The Canadian Quandary

Harry Johnson

coates_morrison_tn Land of the Midnight Sun

Ken Coates

cook_ramsay_tn Watching Quebec

Ramsay Cook

nelles_tn The Politics of Development

H.V. Nelles

kuffert_tn A Great Duty

L.B. Kuffert

mann_dream_tn The Dream of Nation, Second Edition

Susan Mann

preston_tn Cree Narrative, Second Edition

Richard J. Preston

levitt_silent_tn Silent Surrender, New Edition

Kari Levitt

trigger_children_tn The Children of Aataentsic

Bruce G. Trigger

clarkej_tn Land, Power, and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada

John Clarke

mckillop_disciplined_tn A Disciplined Intelligence

A.B. McKillop

winks_blacks_tn The Blacks in Canada, Second Edition

Robin W. Winks

A Wampum Denied: Procter’s War of 1812

Sandy Antal

Outrageous Seas

Rainer K. Baehre (Ed.)

A Life on the Line

W. Brian Stewart

Direct Intervention: Canada-France Relations 1967-1974

Eldon Black

The National Album: Collective Biography and the Formation of the Canadian Middle Class

Robert Lanning

Bare Poles: Building design for high latitudes

Harold Strub

Canada’s Origins: Liberal, Tory or Republican?

Janet Ajzenstat & Peter J. Smith

Canadian Foreign Policy, 1977-1992: Selected Speeches and Documents

Arthur E. Blanchette ed.

The Sociology of Work in Canada

Audrey Wipper

A Sourcebook of Canadian Media Law

Robert Martin & G. Stuart Adam

The Burning Bush and a Few Acres of Snow

Audrey Wipper ed.

O’Callaghan: The Making and Unmaking of a Rebel

Jack Verney

Niagara’s Changing Landscapes

Hugh J. Gayler ed.

A Gentleman in the Outports: Gobineau and Newfoundland

Michael Wilkshire ed. and Trans.

Canadian Economic History: Classic and Contemporary Approaches

M.H. Watkins and H.M. Grant

Social Justice and the Constitution

Joel Bakan and David Schneiderman, eds.

The Bank of Canada: Origins and Early History

George S. Watts

Fragile Truths: 25 Years of Sociology and Anthropology in Canada

William K. Carroll et al. eds.

God’s Peculiar Peoples

S.F. Wise

Democracy with Justice

Alain-G. Gagnon and A. Brian Tanguay

Image result for tax borrow spend irwin Tax, Borrow and Spend

W. Irwin Gillespie

Image result for demon rum or easy money Demon Rum or Easy Money

Robert A. Campbell

Choosing Canada’s Capital

David B. Knight

Image result for Mason Wade, Acadia and Quebec Mason Wade, Acadia and Quebec

N.E.S. Griffiths and G.A. Rawlyk

Canada Before Confederation

R. Cole Harris & John Warkentin

Chief Justice William Johnstone Ritchie

S.F. Wise

Industrial Transformation and Challenge in Australia and Canada

Roger Hayter and Peter D. Wilde, eds.

In his Name

Curtis Fahey

National Survival in Dependent Societies

Raymond Breton et al. eds.

By Loving our Own

Peter C. Emberley, ed.

Police Officer

Claude L. Vincent

Boys and Girls Apart

Stephen Richer

The Upper Ottawa Valley to 1855

Richard M. Reid, ed.

Ethnic Demography

Shiva S. Halli et al. eds.

Human Rights & Social Technology

Rainer Knopff

Federalism and the Charter

Peter H. Russell, Rainer Knopff, Ted Morton

The Intelligent Citizen’s Guide to the Postal Problem

Lawrence M. Read

The Cross of Gold

Georg Rich

Canadian Perspectives on Law & Society: Issues in Legal History

W. Wesley Pue and Barry Wright

A Sourcebook of Canadian Media Law

Robert Martin & G. Stuart Adam

Documents of Canadian Broadcasting

Roger Bird, ed.

The Challenge of Class Analysis

Wallace Clement

Crisis, Challenge and Change

Janine Brodie and Jane Jenson

Public Budgeting in Canada

G. Bruce Doern, Allan M. Maslove, Michael J. Prince

Historical Essays on Upper Canada

J.K. Johnson and Bruce G. Wilson

Griffith Taylor: Antarctic Scientist and Pioneer Geographer

Marie Sanderson

The Measure of Canadian Society: Education, Equality and Opportunity

John Porter

Alexander Kennedy Isbister: A Respectable Critic of the Honourable Company

Barry Cooper

Native People, Native Lands

Bruce Alden Cox, ed.

The Bank of Upper Canada

Peter Baskerville

Leading Constitutional Decisions

Peter H. Russell

Shattered Images

John Cove

Sojourns in the New World

Tom Darby, ed.

The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion

Victor Howard and Mac Reynolds

The Iron Wedge

Lionel Groulx

Distance and Duties

R.M. Conlon

The Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada

Colin Read and Ronald J. Stagge, eds.

Ascription and Achievement

Monica Boyd et al.

The Canadian City

Gilbert A. Stelter and Alan F.J. Artibese

Aboriginal Peoples and the Law

Bradford W. Morse, ed.

Cultural Diversity and Canadian Education

John R. Mallea and Jonathan C. Young

The Sociology of Work

Audrey Wipper

Image result for Enterprises of Robert Hamilton The Enterprises of Robert Hamilton

Bruce G. Wilson

Fear’s Folly (Les Demi-civilses)

Jean-Charles Harvey

Recreational Land Use

Geoffrey Wall and John S. Marsh

Shaping the Urban Landscape

Gilbert A. Stelter and Alan F.J. Artibise

The Redistribution of Income in Canada

W. Irwin Gillespie

Contexts of Canada’s Past

A.B. McKillop

The Last of the Free Enterprisers

J.D. House

Economic and Social History of Quebec, 1760-1850

Fernand Ouellet

The Usable Urban Past

Alan F.J. Artibise and Gilbert A. Stelter, eds.

Canadian Foreign Policy 1966-1976

Arthur E. Blanchette, ed.

Canadian Confederation: A Decision-Making Analysis

W.L. White et al.

Each for All

Ian MacPherson

The Boundaries of the Canadian Confederation

Norman L. Nicholson

The Farmers in Politics

William Irvine

The Canadian Economy and Disarmament

Gideon Rosenbluth

The Distemper of our Times

Peter C. Newman

William Lyon MacKenzie: A Reinterpretation

William Dawson LeSueur

Does Money Matter?

M.R. Porter, J. Porter, & B.R. Blishen

The Canadian City: Essays in Urban History

Gilbert A. Stelter and Alan F.J. Artibise

The Doukhobors

George Wookcock and Ivan Avakumovic

Keynesian Economics

Mabel Timlin

The Canadian Quandary

Harry G. Johnson

A Critical Spirit: The Thought of William Dawson LeSueur

A.B. McKillop

Choosing Canada’s Capital

David B. Knight

Canadian Foreign Policy 1955-1965

Arthur E. Blanchette

The Frontier and Canadian Letters

Wilfred Eggleston

The Agricultural Economy of Manitoba Hutterite Colonies

John Ryan

The Law and the Press in Canada

Wilfred H. Kesterton

Eighteenth Century Newfoundland

C. Grant Head

Canada: A Middle-Aged Power

John W. Holmes

The Frog Lake “Massacre”

Stuart Hughes

Historical Essays on British Columbia

J. Friesen and H.K. Ralston, eds.

Political Corruption in Canada

Kenneth M. Gibbons and Donald C. Rowat, eds.

Capital Punishment in Canada

David Chandler

Canadian-American Industry

Herbert Marshall, Frank Southard, Jr., Kenneth W. Taylor

Minority Men in a Majority Setting

Christopher Beattie

Perspectives on Landscape and Settlement in Nineteenth Century Ontario

J. David Wood, ed.

Man’s Impact on the Western Canadian Landscape

J.G. Nelson

The Canadian Corporate Elite

Wallace Clement

Living and Learning in the Free School

Mark W. Novak

Canadian Indians and the Law

Derek G. Smith, ed.

Canada’s Balance of International Indebtedness, 1900-1913

Jacob Viner

Socialization and Values in Canadian Society, Vol. II

Robert M. Pike and Elia Zureik, eds.

The Canadian Bill of Rights

Walter Surma Tarnopolsky

Historical Essays on Upper Canada

J.K. Johnson

Canadian-American Summit Diplomacy, 1923-1973

Roger Frank Swanson

Philippe de Rigaud de Vaudreuil

Yves F. Zoltvany

Consociational Democracy: Political Accommodation in Segmented Societies

Kenneth McRae, ed.

Beyond the Atantic Roar: A Study of Nova Scotia Scots

D. Campbell and R.A. MacLean

Capital Formation in Canada, 1896-1930

Kenneth Buckley

The Adventures and Sufferings of John R. Jewitt, Captive Among the Nootka, 1803-1805

Derik G. Smith, ed.

Statistical Account of Upper Canada

Abridged by S.R. Mealing

The Crisis of Quebec, 1914-1918

Elizabeth Armstrong

Freedom and Order: Collected Essays

Eugene Forsey

The Native Peoples of Atlantic Canada

H.F. McGee

Cuthbert Grant of Grantown

Margaret MacLeod and W.L. Morton

Renegade in Power: The Diefenbaker Years

Peter C. Newman

“Dominion Lands” Policy

Chester Martin, Edited by Lewis H. Thomas

Natural Resources: The Economics of Conservation

Anthony Scott

The Ombudsman Plan

Donald C. Rowat

Recollections of the On To Ottawa Trek

Victor Hoar, ed.

Cultural Ecology

Bruce Cox

The Tremblay Report

David Kwavnick

Laurier and a Liberal Quebec

H. Blair Neatby

The Last Forty Years: The Union of 1841 to Confederation

J.C. Dent

Languages in Conflict

Richard J. Joy

Perspectives on the North American Indians

Mark Nagler

Community in Crisis

Richard Jones

Culture and Nationality

A.G. Bailey

Urban Development in South-Central Ontario

Jacob Spelt

The Development of Canada’s Staples, 1867-1939

Kevin H. Burley

Canada’s Changing North

William C. Wonders

The Canadian Economy in the Great Depression

A.E. Safarain

Historical Essays on the Praire Provinces

Donald Swainson

Monck Letters and Journals 1863-1868

W.L. Morris

Canadian Foreign Policy 1945-1954

R.A. MacKay

Lament for a Nation

George Grant

The Better Part of Valour

John W. Holmes

The Canadian Municipal System

Donald C. Rowat

Robert Laird Borden: His Memoirs Vol. 2

Henry Borden, ed.

Robert Laird Borden: His Memoirs Vol. 1

Henry Borden, ed.

The Neutral Yankees of Nova Scotia

John Barlet Brebner

John Strachan: Documents and Opinions

J.L.H. Henderson

Sir Francis Bond Head: a Narrative

S.F. Wise, ed.

The Colonial Reformers and Canada: 1830-1849

Peter Burroughs

Eskimo of the Canadian Arctic

Victor F. Valentine and Frank G. Vallee, eds.

Documents on the Confederation of British North America

G.P. Browne

Growth and the Canadian Economy

T.N. Brewis

The Old Province of Quebec

A.L. Burt

A History of Journalism in Canada

W.H. Kesterton

Historical Essays on the Atlantic Provinces

G.A. Rawlyk

Western Ontario and the American Frontier

Fred Landon

Church and State in Canada 1627-1867

John S. Moir

Canadian Social Structure

John Porter

Approaches to Canadian Economic History

W.T. Easterbrook and M.H. Watkins

North Atlantic Triangle

John Barlet Brebner

The Race Question in Canada

Andre Siegfried

A History of Canadian External Relations, Vol. II

G.P. deT Glazebrook

A History of Canadian External Relations, Vol. I

G.P. deT Glazebrook

Life and Times of Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt

Oscar Douglas Skelton

Indians of the North Pacific Coast

Tom McFeat

Frontenac: The Courtier Governor

W.J. Eccles

Leading Constitutional Decisions

Peter H. Russell

Life and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Vol. II

Oscar Douglas Skelton

Life and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Vol. I

Oscar Douglas Skelton

Joseph Howe: Voice of Nova Scotia

J. Murray Beck

The Canadian Commercial Revolution 1845-1851

Gilbert N. Tucker

French-Canadian Society

Marcel Roux and Yves Martin

Money and Banking in Canada

E.P. Neufeld

The Courts and the Canadian Constitution

W.R. Lederman

The Western Interior of Canada

John Warkentin

The French-Canadian Outlook

Mason Wade

The Economic Background of Dominion-Provincial Relations

W.A. MacKintosh

A History of Transportation in Canada, Vol. II

G.P. deT. Glazebrook

A History of Transportation in Canada, Vol. I

G.P. deT. Glazebrook

Political Unrest in Upper Canada 1815-1836

Aileen Dunham

The Reciprocity Treaty of 1854

Donald C. Masters

Lord Durham’s Mission to Canada

Chester New

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents

S.R. Mealing, ed.

The Unreformed Senate of Canada

R.A. MacKay

The Rowell/Sirois Report/Book I

Donald V. Smiley, ed.

Champlain: The Life of Fortitude

Morris Bishop

Laurier: A Study in Canadian Politics

J.W. Dafoe

The Confederation Debates in the Province of Canada/ 1865

P.B. Waite, ed.

Lord Durham’s Report

Gerald M. Craig, ed.