Daphne Uras

Life-long Learning Program Coordinator

Website:Carleton U (Centre for Initiatives in Education)

Daphne Uras works in Carleton University’s Centre for Initiatives in Education, as Life-long Learning Program Coordinator.  She leads Carleton’s Learning in Retirement Program, which offers affordable and engaging non-credit classes (single lectures, lecture series, and language and writing workshops) to adults of all ages. This program, soon to be renamed the Lifelong Learning Program, is growing rapidly, with over 150 offerings per year, and thousands of rave reviews from community members.

How are you currently involved in community-campus partnerships for teaching, research or otherwise?

Our program showcases Carleton University’s faculty and research to the wider public, through lectures, lecture series and workshops by individual lecturers or by faculty teams. The program also provides an opportunity for Carleton faculty and contract instructors (as well as lecturers from the Ottawa community) to engage with keen adult learners of all ages.