**In February 2023, the CCEP was dissolved, having fulfilled its mandate. To continue to support instructors interested in community engaged pedagogy, a new community of practice was formed. Please visit Teaching and Learning Services’ Events page for information about upcoming meetings.

This website captures the work of Carleton’s Committee for Community Engaged Pedagogy (CCEP). The CCEP comprises a group of faculty/instructors, staff, and community-minded individuals who share an interest in promoting student learning and engagement through a variety of means that connect students and their community. These techniques include various types of community-based experiential learning, including community service learning and community based research.

Carleton has a long history of engaging community partners in research, co-operative education and volunteerism. Broadly, community engaged pedagogy (CEP) is a method of experiential learning that emphasizes action, reflection, and real-world engagement. Much more than just volunteerism, CEP is a pedagogy that supports students in the development of skills and civic citizenship through combining community work with classroom learning.

The goal of the CCEP is to encourage students to understand linkages between academic study and larger public life and their roles as global citizens. Many of Carleton’s faculty/instructors have embedded community-based learning in their coursework and the university continuously explores opportunities to work with community partners on a number of initiatives.

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