Experiential learning is the application of theory and academic content to real-world experiences.

Carleton is committed to providing all graduates with opportunities to engage in experiential learning (EL). EL advances learning outcomes and encourages reflection and application of skills and knowledge in contexts that prepare students for the workplace and civil society. Learn more



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“Experiential learning matters to Carleton because it matters to our students.”

– former President Benoit Antoine-Bacon




Makes learning relatable. Students build on and make connections between new and existing knowledge and skills.

Increases the effectiveness of learning. Students engage in critical thinking, acquire problem solving skills, and engage in decision making.

Links theory to practice. Students put theory into practice and make generalizations they can apply to future experiences.

Develops skills for lifelong learning. Students develop essential transferable skills through reflection, conceptualization, and planning for next steps.

Assists in memory retention. Students learn more deeply through both feeling and thinking.

Increases students’ engagement. Students collaborate and support each other’s learning.




“We will prepare students for success in an ever-changing future.”

– 2020-2025 Strategic Mandate Agreement




Instructor Toolkit

Find a range of services to support the integration of experiential learning into your teaching. From helping you to write strong learning outcomes and reflection prompts to brainstorming ideas for activities, Teaching and Learning Services is here to help.

Activity and Course Design

  • Align your activities, assessments, and learning outcomes
  • Design engaging activities

Reflection and Assessment

  • Prepare meaningful reflection activities
  • Get inspired by sample prompts and rubrics

Programs and Funding

  • Get support for your activities
  • Find co-curricular opportunities for your students






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