Room Booking Services

Scheduling and Examination Services acts as the steward of Carleton’s bookable space, managing classrooms and other venues on behalf of the university. All members of the Carleton community are welcome to request a room reservation, when rooms are not in use for course purposes. The Enterprise Portal acts as our main repository of space availability, and also functions to manage space on campus.

Prior to booking a space, make sure to read and understand applicable University policies.

If you are ready to book a space, click on the button below to be directed to the Enterprise Portal.

Student Room Bookings

Students can book rooms through different channels and platforms depending on the type of room booking. Select the type of space you are looking to reserve below for more information about which platform to use!

Visit the Room Booking FAQ for common questions regarding space booking.

Faculty and Staff Information Resource

Additional Information regarding Room Bookings and Timetabling for staff and faculty is available via the SES Scheduling Resource