Monitoring peatland carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in the Hudson Bay Lowlands

In collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, five flux tower stations are used to measure CO2 and CH4 exchange between the atmosphere and the diverse peatlands of the Hudson Bay Lowlands.  Sites include the Attawapiskat River bog and fen, the Kinoje Lake bog and the Polar Bear Provincial Park peat plateau and thermokarst peatlands.

Media Highlights:

“Changing Grounds” by Aaron Todd, Canadian Wildlife, Vol 24, No 3.  July/Aug 2018

Selected Publications:

Helbig M, Humphreys ER, Todd A. 2019. Contrasting temperature sensitivity of CO2 exchange in peatlands of the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada. J Geophys Res Biogeosci.,124: 2126–2143.

Humphreys, E.R., Brown, M., Charron, C., and Jones, R.  2014.  Contrasting the CO2 fluxes of a temperate ombrotrophic bog with fluxes from two bogs in the Canadian Hudson Bay Lowland.  Arctic Antarctic Alpine Res.  46(1):103-113.