Geography and Environmental Studies

Geography and Environmental Studies



The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies has three programs of study leading to an undergraduate degree in Geography, Geomatics and Environmental Studies.

Students can obtain a B.A. or a BSc. General, Honours, or Combined Honours Degree.

Explore careers in Human Geography, Physical Geography, Geomatics, and Environmental Studies.

We also offer a specialization in Globalization and the Environment in the Bachelor of Global and International Studies program. If you are interested in this program please contact



“On Thick Ice”

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a graduate student? Have you thought about exploring, learning and discovering more about science in the world around you? Graduate Student Anna Crawford has written a blog titled “On Thick Ice” that details with real world imagery and... More

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Standing by the harbor in Nuuk’s Old Town on a clear day. Note the more traditional Scandinavian-style houses in the mid-ground, with larger modern residential buildings in the background. Photo credit: Jill Rajewicz

Greenland in February

Hands-On Learning About Snow and Sea Ice Written By Keegan Smith, MSc. Graduate Student in Geography Seen from a high-flying plane, the Greenland ice sheet is a vast expanse of white. Beginning our descent, we can see what we believe to be tiny cracks in the ice. Descending further, the illusion is... More

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Anna & Nick Thumbnail

Congratulations Nick and Anna on receipt of internal University graduate scholarships!

Nick Brown won the Dr. Thomas Betz Memorial Award  and Anna Crawford won a David and Rachel Epstein Foundation Scholarship. Nick Brown is a MSc student and studies the changes taking place in permafrost. Perpetually sub-zero ground underlies much of the Canadian North and it is gradually warming... More

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Victor Konrad portrait 160x160

Congratulations Dr. Victor Konrad!

Congratulations Professor Konrad on receipt of a Research Time Release (RTR) award! The RTR is awarded to several Carleton researchers annually after a University wide competition. The Vice President of Research and International, on the advice of the Carleton Research Advisory Committee (CREAD),... More

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