Practicum at the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD)


“The experience of doing a practicum at the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) gave me a chance to improve my research skills as well as learn new concepts in the world of climate finance and adaptation. As a practicum student with IISD, I was able to review case studies, projects and research in adaptation-related areas that were relevant to developing countries. This experience also provided me an opportunity to utilize past experiences in communications and outreach by enhancing my knowledge in using social media platforms such as Twitter. Working at the Ottawa office gave me a chance to experience the workplace environment in a research based organization like IISD. It also allowed me to interact with IISD experts in various fields such as economics, adaptation, and policy-making. Working at the Ottawa office, also gave me an opportunity to briefly interact with Mr. Scott Vaughan, the President and CEO of IISD. This practicum gave me an opportunity to learn from professionals in the field of adaptation and policy making.

As a practicum student at IISD, I was also able to attend and network at a high-level event organized by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC). This event was designed to address the challenges and research areas that Canada and relevant organizations like IISD among many others, would be focusing on at COP21 in Paris this year. Attending this event made me realize that doing a practicum with one of the world’s foremost research organizations has proved to be an invaluable experience for me.”
Vasundhara Saravade, 4th Year Environmental Studies Major

Practicum at the National Wildlife Research Centre


“During my practicum at the National Wildlife Research Centre (NWRC) I was able to collaborate on interesting and relevant projects related to conservation biology of Eastern Arctic species threatened by climate change. In addition to learning new technical skills and methods to detect species presence; I also gained an invaluable understanding of how dedicated and intelligent individuals work together to create a high-functioning and effective team to promote meaningful action.”
Rachel Canham, 4th year Environmental Studies Major

Practicum at the Geological Survey of Canada

taylor at desk during practicum

“My practicum at the Geological Survey of Canada allowed me to expand my practical skills in GIS and gain working experience in my area of study by mapping and analyzing surficial features in ice-rich permafrost terrain in the North West Territories. It was an invaluable experience that opened many doors and has shaped my career aspirations.”
Taylor McWade, 4th year Geomatics Major

Practicum at Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict


“Through my practicum placement at Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict, I was able to gain valuable skills that I would not have received in the classroom. The experience I attained from working at a local Environmental NGO allows me to have insight into the world of non profits and determine whether it’s a career path I would like to explore. I feel more comfortable graduating and entering the work force now that I have developed the soft skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce.”
Carolyn Schissler, Environmental Studies major with a minor in Geography

Practicum at Stantec Incorporated


“For my placement I worked at Stantec Incorporated, a company which provides professional consultation and planning services for a variety of projects. My experience included being introduced to office work such as the development of environmental assessments and included field work opportunities such as collecting groundwater samples. Overall I had a great experience working with my sponsor and company! I hope to continue to work with my sponsor company as I pursue a career collecting for, developing, and analyzing environmental assessments.”
Michael Wilczynski, 4th Year Environmental Studies Major

Practicum at Rideau Valley Conservation Authority


“My name is Jennifer Farrell, a fourth year Environmental Studies major who had the opportunity of completing a practicum experience during my degree at Carleton University. The Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre (ORWC) is a demonstration and research facility operating under the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority that works to research options for wastewater treatment and develop teaching materials. On behalf of the ORWC, I successfully researched, analyzed, and produced a manual outlining Low Impact Development Practices relating to effective wastewater management within the City of Ottawa. My practicum experience was highly rewarding as the manual will be published for use during courses and workshops hosted by the ORWC in the future.”
Jennifer Farrell, 4th year Environmental Studies Major