Photo of Shania Mahendran

Shania Mahendran

Tree Fest Ottawa

Degrees:Graduated with BA Hons Geography in Winter 2018 (Currently MA Northern Studies student)

As a fourth year student in geography, my practicum placement with Tree Fest Ottawa provided me with the opportunity to use my geographic skills in the workplace. My overall project was concerned with the future of Brewer’s Inlet, an area up for renewal in Ottawa, in hopes of proving that it is a valued urban greenspace. My project allowed me to use mental maps as a data collection and analysis method. My placement also provided me the opportunity to have conversations with like minded individuals concerned for the welfare of our environment, and discuss potential career paths that suit my interests. My practicum experience was extremely valuable and enriching, and opened my eyes to careers paths I had never considered before. I am grateful for my experience, and would highly recommend students partake in the practicum program, as it helps sew together various concepts you have learned throughout your university career.