Explore human-environment interactions through a geographic lens with an emphasis on place, space and identity. Make use of geography’s unique focus on spatial analysis and tools to probe the social and environmental dimensions of climate change, cities and urbanization, spatial justice, inequality and globalization.

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Geography is about a lot more than just maps. Geographers focus on understanding the complexity of the human-environment interactions that influence our everyday lives, communities and societies. With its unique emphasis on integrating human and physical environmental interactions through the analysis of spatial patterns and relationships, the study of geography equips students to investigate and understand many of our most pressing planetary issues, such as climate change, water resources, environmental degradation, environmental sustainability, territorial conflicts and social inequality.

We offer both BA and BSc degrees in Geography.

The BA Geography offers students exposure to both Human and Physical Geography. The BSc in Physical Geography studies the science of the natural environment at all scales and integrates elements from traditional scientific disciplines.

Human Geography explores socio-cultural settings through the lenses of place, space, scale, community, and identity. Classes include content on cities and urbanization, climate change, culture and identity, health and society, power and resistance, sustainability,  environmental and social justice.

Physical Geography provides a foundation in earth surface processes, ecosystem science, and environmental change. Classes include content on climate and atmospheric change, global environmental systems, weather and water, soils, permafrost, ecosystems of Canada, and environmental and natural resources.

Many GEOG courses welcome guest speakers into the classroom to expose students to different areas of geographic research. Field courses, workplace practicums, experiential learning, and hands-on training in the application of digital mapping tools (e.g. geographic information systems) provide an opportunity to gain valuable research skills and practical experience during the completion of the geography program. Students with a particular interest in cities and urbanization can choose to complete an Honours BA in Geography with a Concentration in Urban Studies. We also offer BA students a concentration in Physical Geography option, which requires fewer science pre-requisites and electives than the BSc option.

Our professors offer extensive research experience in social, cultural, and urban geography; environmental systems science; resource management and environmental impacts; quantitative and qualitative research approaches; spatial analysis and GIS/Remote Sensing; and the study of the earth’s vegetation, climate, water and soil systems.

Evan Saunders, 4th Year BA Geography Graduate

Over the course of my degree, the Geography program at Carleton University has allowed me to define my research interests in economic and urban geography as well as develop applicable skills in analytics, collaboration, and critical thinking. With a focus on real-world problems and solutions, this program exposed me to the practical nature of the discipline of Geography, which helped in identifying the focus of my undergraduate thesis. Through coursework, field camps, and activities, I felt engaged and connected to the faculty and my peers which helped instill my love for Geography!

Hannah Morgan, 4th Year BSc Physical Geography Graduate

My favourite part about the BSc Physical Geography program is the flexibility to customize which classes I can take that best suit my interests. Having the opportunity to gain work experience in a professional setting, was one of the most valuable learning experiences within my time at Carleton. (Practicum) It allowed me to experiment with different career paths and build my networking connections within the Ottawa area. This program has also helped me develop a well-rounded skill set that will be transferable towards any future career!

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